L is for love from you, for us.

L is for lemon juice over pancakes.

L is for luck, which does not exist.

L is for left, the boxes that were forgotten during the move.

L is for liberation, from a tainted connection.

L is for London, weekend breaks and no explanation.

Sitting In

Fond memories roar through my mind on the days I sit inside.

Eventually, I’d have deleted your contact information. The whole lot.

Sometimes I tell myself you never existed.

Like the Chewbacca or Nessie.

I bite into my heartbeat and eat out the trauma you left behind.

I think it’s been 12 months or more since I last felt your heart beating.

Keep on walking, don’t stop.

Inside the walls of my palace, the strongest step up and are vocal. I completely accept all responsibility for being too amazing for your vibe to hold onto our connection.

Unlike you, I don’t need a soul to step on.


Simon said he’s single.

Simon said he’s in a dilemma.

Simon said he’ll always be here for me.

Simon said I’ve caused him a great deal of anxiety.

Simon said I’m similar and we have so much in common.

Simon said throw yourself off a cliff Unique!

Unique said nothing.

Unique asked Crow about his technique for keeping his feathers preened so well?

Unique cut out a tiny fragment from her heart and tossed it outside.

Sewer rats came out after 0100 that night and ate her nano-sized love, with one delightful bite.