I’m sitting in a BMW i8.

It’s black with electric blue around the wheels and the headlights.

The seats are leather and heated, my ass is warm.

I’m sipping a cup of hot-chocolate made with oat milk. Cows milk is for baby cows.

All windows are up, I hate the sounds of those grotty voices nearby.

Does it look like my car needs cleaning?

Only me and I’m stuck.

Is there ever traffic at 0333 hours?

I’m not moving.

Engulfed in thought processes.

Delinquent of 70% responsibilities.

I’m not a passenger.

I’m not a red light.

I’m not another car in a queue.

I’m not even there.


From the Files of Crow and Unique: Next Lifetime

I’ll perch on your chest and feel your heartbeats through my feet.

I’ll flutter around your mind like a humming-bird about to dip into a flower head.

I’ll dive deep down into the sea, to scoop up your waves of love.

I’ll fly beyond the perimeter of the Earth, to sprinkle my admiration directly above your layers.

Next lifetime, I’ll recognise you.

Next lifetime, I’ll hear you.

Next lifetime, I’ll see you.

Next lifetime, I’ll press my heart beside yours. We’ll beat as one.

Next lifetime, Phoenix will rise and burn out all the memories we formed in our lifetime.

Next lifetime, Crow will tear out from the heart of the Phoenix.

Next lifetime, Crow will paint every universe black.

Next lifetime, you’ll see nothing but I promise you, you’ll feel my love.


I just want to be Unique.


Seatbelts, please!

I just want to be Unique.


Gain on em’

Run them the fuck over.


Let’s get you in the sex.


Seatbelts, please!

I just want to be Unique.

This is all me.

This is all me.

This is all me.

Driver, slow down. I need to watch my foes cross part way.

Beep! Beep!

Run em’ all down.

So evil on a Sunday, the day of the Lord.


I told myself I don’t need help.

Can you hear em’ crying? Nah? Well move on.

I can’t complain.

This is all me.

This is all me.

This is all me.


I like listening to the rain, when it rains as I sit in the back.