Sitting In

Fond memories roar through my mind on the days I sit inside.

Eventually, I’d have deleted your contact information. The whole lot.

Sometimes I tell myself you never existed.

Like the Chewbacca or Nessie.

I bite into my heartbeat and eat out the trauma you left behind.

I think it’s been 12 months or more since I last felt your heart beating.

Keep on walking, don’t stop.

Inside the walls of my palace, the strongest step up and are vocal. I completely accept all responsibility for being too amazing for your vibe to hold onto our connection.

Unlike you, I don’t need a soul to step on.


Simon said he’s single.

Simon said he’s in a dilemma.

Simon said he’ll always be here for me.

Simon said I’ve caused him a great deal of anxiety.

Simon said I’m similar and we have so much in common.

Simon said throw yourself off a cliff Unique!

Unique said nothing.

Unique asked Crow about his technique for keeping his feathers preened so well?

Unique cut out a tiny fragment from her heart and tossed it outside.

Sewer rats came out after 0100 that night and ate her nano-sized love, with one delightful bite.

The Butterfly Series by Dame Unique

Welcome to The Butterfly Series!

A collection of creative pieces about transformation and mental growth. With this collection, I share with my readers moments of change that has occurred both within and around my life.

Some pieces derive directly from my heart, whereas other pieces flow out of my mind at a pace I have no control over.

I’m truly thankful for everyone that has assisted with the rise of my inner phoenix. I agree, 2020 has been a challenging year for all the inhabitants of this earth. However, life is about growing, understanding and expressing your soul.

This collection is for all the stars that glow in the night sky.

Thank you for reading!

Love Unique

Nightmare Series: Unique Is…

 A total mindfuck.

A wink and a stare.

Your best friend, who lifts you high into blissful moments.

Your lover, your one and only! A cherry kiss from her red lips.

An enigma.

A dream.

A quiet thought with a pinch of care.

One wrong move and Crow will gut you, right after or just before you ask God for forgiveness.

Unique is this thing that flourishes in your life.

Unique is?

Unique is an amazing thought process, wrapped up in pain and anxiety.

Don’t ask her to choose, life is full of commonplace varieties.

NEVER ask the opinion of everyday society!

Don’t stare too long, Crow will tear you from out of that seat at their table of peace. For one cannot dream of what Unique is, without something good to eat?

Unique is a mixture of warmth and ice, like cookie dough and ice-cream with added observations.

No cinnamon sprinkles, it’s fucking disgusting.

Unique is a plethora of stars made into human form.

Unique is living remnants of our universe from way back when.

Keep asking questions.

Keep watching your shadows.

Did you know, Crow prefers homemade banana bread?

Complete with heartache and suffering and that bitches ignorant head!

Unique is your bestie! Your homie beyond death you’ll never part.

Unique is pure mind-games, surreal like Dali art.

Unique is present, past and your future.

Unique is your tears as they profusely flow.

Unique is the end game and that is no joke.



Crow is listening to your thoughts.

Unique is above average in fact beyond the range of online surroundings.

Unique is Pandora’s Box in a misunderstanding.

Unique is the gift of lava burning through your soul.

Unique does not exist in this world, therefore you’ll never know.

Remember to close your windows and lock your doors, the evil one flies through the night…