An Unexpected Interruption – 22.05.2022

Shards of glass at my feet cut through my feed and create feuds of the heart and mind.

I remember the last time I smiled. At the time of composure, I cry. Maybe in another life, things wouldn’t be so tough? Perhaps friendships would mean what they do on the tin?

I get it; I do. To flow nicely in this world, my mind needs to be shut down. Only I respect my thoughts more than my sanity.

From the moment I understood my plight until this arduous second – I understand I walk alone to a destination unknown.


Until June 2022

Wow! What a year it has been, the good, the bad, the dangerous? Cast aside to my think bin.

I set a few goals, a bit of this, and some of that; nothing has made me happier than writing. Though, after another 12 months of trying to play catch-up and not having the time to complete all I know I can. After 12 months of consideration, I have decided to take a break from blogging – it won’t be forever, just until June 2022.

I want to thank every one of you for supporting and inspiring my life. 2021 has been quite the challenge, and I officially recognise, I need to take a step back from this and focus intensely on my main goal. Of course, I will continue to read other blogs and show my love and support for my fellow Creative Writers – But for now, Crow and I shall fly through the skies in the hopes to return to you in two thousand and twenty-two.

With love,

Dame Unique

Welcome September 2021

Welcome, September 2021!

I’ve been dreading your arrival and now you’re here, I want to embrace you and remind myself that I need to put in the work. There was so much I had wanted to achieve in August and unfortunately, I did not.

Even yesterday, I confided in a friend and expressed that I feel like I have failed. They then asked, why? I explained I had set many goals for August and unfortunately, I barely achieved anything.

Less of the dwelling.

It is now September and as you would be right in assuming that I’ve carried over the unmet goals and I’m currently amending my weekly planners, as I strive to see the result of all my endeavours.

I aim to visit a few places I have never explored before and to spend a few hours in a cosy, café. Oh, yes! I almost forgot I’m going to complete the leisurely reading that I started in August and tease out areas of inspiration and motivation, for new creative pieces.

September is about rejuvenating my focus and practising an hour of deep work per day. After all, looking back and feeling sad about what I did not accomplish, won’t change the fact.

Therefore, I must continue on my pathway and sweep the sticks out of the way.


Exclusive: Malefic Mondays – It Never Left 12.07.2021

It Never Left.

Aren’t you tired of bathing in ignorance?

Does your brain crave education? Your cells are non-existent.

You hear bells in between your words.

Ding-dong! Ding-dong!

The world of ignorance awaits your signature. Sign up in your mind and deliver stupidity because your levels of common sense and respect have depleted. Instead, you hide behind avatars and the screen of a smart device. Shame the end-user has no sense of sight.

You’re aggrieved.

We get it; you hate black people.

We get it; you’re jealous of our entire existence.

Our black skin makes your ignorant mind boil from within.

Crow and I sit peacefully, sipping mint tea and swear down, we’re not smiling at the sight before us.

For every racist comment you make, the temperature in your head increases by 1 degree.

We watch all the dregs of society boil up and fade away into nothingness.


It never left.

A Saturday of Significance – 26.06.2021

A Saturday of Significance – 26.06.2021

Karma will get you, said the little bluebird.

Karma will cut you if you only say the word.

Karma will harm you and flow deep through your veins.

Karma or karma for a clown is a shame.

As I walked away from the drama’s you bring regularly and the negative energy that you emit. I discovered that I quite like Saturdays!

Saturday is the perfect day for entertainment, revenge, and, of course, the end.

Karma will burn you once and for an extended time.

Karma hates you and will reduce your mind.

Karma will tie you into a ball of restrictions.

Karma, you ruin you – that’s what clowns get. All self-inflicted.

‘Who’s going to care when the novelty is over? When the star of your show, isn’t you, anymore!’ – Mariah

I’m a Boss Ass Bitch

Karen slid into my DM’s

I’m nothing. I’m no one. I’m uneducated. I’m unkempt, I’m irrelevant, I’m FAT, I’m BLACK, I have fake lips and tits, I’m ghetto, I’m crap, I’m desperate for the wasteman you claim, I’m broke, I’m old, I wish I were famous… can’t remember the rest. But I agree with Karen – I’m trash.

Even the exact shade of red won’t make you better than the worst version of


We’re not the same, sweetheart; I have no competition – almost 8 billion humans reside on this planet, and you assume I’m focused on your shit-show.



EXCLUSIVE: Malefic Mondays – He said, ‘Okay, I’m Vegan.’ 19.04.2021

He bought three beans from Tesco and thought he was doing the world a favour.

He kept on saying how he’s a baby vegan.

He made an Instagram account, posting daily about his vegan life.

His popularity grew beyond his expectations. Big brands paid him to promote their Vegan products; food, beauty, clothing and surely the ethos of leading a plant-based life.

The irony was each night after he streamed his delicious vegan meals. He would visit his cupboard that was home to another fridge/freezer – jam-packed with food he deemed DELICIOUS.

Remember, he’s paid to promote vegan. All ‘things’ vegan.

Viewers to his social media platforms were in awe of how perfect his vegan journey was progressing.

What no one knew is that he used dark magic to give the viewers the perfect scene. A feast for their green eyes – vegan here, vegan there, vegan lifestyle everywhere.

The fuck he cared about any of that:

This vegan ate kangaroo, monkey, duck and rat.

He grilled crocodile and swore to himself it tasted like chicken. He deep-fried squid and shared a plate with his girlfriend Miriam.

He ate steak by the lb fried and covered with peppered sauce. He gave zero fucks about the world and his lifestyle contained no hints of remorse.

He cashed his cheques from the world online.

He ordered shark fin and snapped the shot.

That night he posted up a lentil curry and hashtagged the life out of vegan #Vegan.

At night, you know the moment before he rested up in his bed, sized for a King. He smiled at the thousands of people who showered him with attention throughout the day.

He smiled because social-media deception is as easy as abracadabra.


That was the first feeling I felt after reading this man made a video apologising for sextin’ underaged boys.

I’m still wondering why his channel is still active? Why people are still following him?

Why he hasn’t been quote on quote ‘cancelled?’

Why he hasn’t been arrested?

Why he hasn’t been charged?

Why he hasn’t been punished for his crimes against young boys?

Why he hasn’t received custodial sentencing?

It’s like if you’re popular and your poppin’ you’re more likely than not, to have your criminal behaviour exonerated from the pop culture before authority does anything if anything.







That apology was dead upon exiting that mans mouth.