They would like to participate in your event when they’re riding along for free.
They tag along right beside you when the attention is warm, and the vibe feels right. I guess I automatically become a log fire, lit and burning bright during the winter nights.

Until nothing but cold ash moves gently, like a man that just been shot five times in his right leg. Then pain is evident, but the blood eventually starts to curdle.
I know nothing.
I know that I know nothing.
I know you’re tired of thinking it.

They limp beside me in fake association when I call out for help. The dialogue translates into this:
Me: Help me!
Them: I’m here.
Me: The problem is…
Them: I’m here to help but I’ve just got to run home and turn off the oven. I’ll be right back!

11 days later
Me: #Winning
Them: Hey! Hope you’re well. I was just thinking about you.

Deep in the forests, they shaded life away from my existence.
Out on the open road, they would like to ride shotgun.
Far into the ocean heads are held underwater for a least 11 minutes.

Look up into the sky and watch me glide over my consciousness.

Mask On! Fucking Mask On!

In the 1900s* the United Kingdom drafted men between the ages of 18 and 40, to fight in the war. I think it’s fair to assume that many of these men and their loved ones, feared for their lives.

Fast forward to 2020 and the UK Government has asked that all of us:

  • HANDS – Wash our hands for at least 20 seconds.
  • FACE – Wear a face covering to protect yourself and others from contracting/transmitting COVID19
  • SPACE – Maintain a distance of at least 2 metres, where possible.

Log onto social media platform and you’ll see people complaining, about having to wear a face covering. I mean, when I first saw the barrage of complaints, I thought? We’re not being drafted to fight in a war! We are being asked to cover part of our faces, for our health and safety.

A few days after, I visited my local supermarket and a random person walked in shouting, ‘The Government are liars! They want to keep us in a muzzle, its all a lie COVID19 is fake!’ They weren’t wearing a mask on and stomped around the store, with no respect for the social distancing measures in place to protect.

I don’t like wearing a facemask, but I wear one to stop myself from spreading coronavirus – as science educates us and has advised, we can be asymptomatic and transmit this virus. I wear a facemask to minimise the chance of contracting the virus from others. I repeat I do not like wearing a facemask, but I wear it to do my bit and help limit the tragic loss of life.

It’s like the ones who don’t give a fuck about others, will continue to ignore the guidelines and flaunt it online. #SayNo2Muzzles #NoMask

I know some of you reading this may find my next few sentences utterly abhorrent. However, I feel I must say this, for all those that feel a mask should not be worn, they should sign a waiver.

I must pay for a coronavirus test if I feel I have symptoms.

I do not deserve to be treated if I test positive for coronavirus/I will pay for treatment if I test positive for COVID19

I believe that these people won’t ever take this seriously until a family/friend gets the virus and it proves to be fatal.

Equally, I do understand that for the majority of the UK, we’ve been in lockdown since March 20th 2020. Feelings of restlessness and upset are beaming out and we are tired of this ongoing critical global issue.  However, the longer we have people ignoring all the safety measures in place, the longer it will take to reach the end of this crisis.

We are experiencing unprecedented times, yes! We ALL are going through it together. Please recognise it only take one #Covidiot to inspire masses of anti-maskers to ignite the spread and kill more people.

Again, I do not like wearing a mask, but I wear one for the sake of humanity.

In the 1900s* the United Kingdom drafted men between the ages of 18 and 40, to fight in the war. I think it’s fair to assume that many of these men and their loved ones feared for their lives.

‘Heal the world.
Make it a better place.
For you and for me.
And the entire human race.
There are people dying!
If you care enough for the living.
Make it a better place.
For you and for me’ Michael Jackson

Thank You 2020!

Thank You 2020!


Around this time last year, I vowed to post a creative piece each day. I’m happy to state that I achieved that goal, surpassed it even!

I’ve created and shared 644 creative pieces with you. Ranging from love and appreciation to nightmares and the depths of hell. I’ve enjoyed the embrace of the world of fellow Creative Writers and I implore you all to continue to write and share your pieces.

Before time transitions into 2021, I wanted to take a moment to thank you. Each one of my followers, subscribers, random viewers and surely friends of our universe.

I’m forever thankful.


This year has been quite challenging for me on a gargantuan scale. I started 2020 with rotten remnants of 2019 clawing away at my ankles. I tried burning the pale arms but they clung on for dear life.

June arrived and I found glimmers of hope within my heartbeats. The magical vibe I emit began to warm up once again.

Today, 31st December 2020 I can confidently say, ‘I have levelled up!’ the fuck I’m waiting to exhale in this life. I grabbed a machete and sliced the claws off my smooth ankles. (I did that in November.)  I feel I must add that while 2019 was a diabolical year, I had to wade through that bullshit to become a better woman today.

I’ll forever be thankful that our universe is plentiful.

That the crows, crow around me.

That my words inspire, anger and delight.

That my heartbeats, although temporary create powerful feelings.

That I exist in this life, in our universe, on this page.


I’ll be sharing creative pieces at least once a week, preferably on a Monday! The reason for this is because I hope to develop more in-depth posts, some of which aim to help fellow Creative Writers.

I’m the not the highest grade of weed in the dispensary.’ – Charlemagne Tha God. But I’ll be dammed if I allow my weaknesses within my writing to hold me back. – Dame Unique

I know the world is ‘going through it,’ literally! I wish you all a Creative New Year!

Dame Unique & Crow

The Gift

This book was gifted to me as a surprise, on a day my nerves were sky-high. A day I knew inside this person would uniquely impact my life.

They listened and understood what I liked to thrive.

They heard the song of birds and played with the wind.

We quickly become close and that’s where this piece will end.

Never during our time did I believe we would come to this.

Never could I fully comprehend their ability to promote ignorance and indulge in bliss.

Never have I doubted the power of our universe, I always listen to my heart which sometimes tangles me beside amateurs in the form of a gift or a curse.

I believe I’m destined to go through periods of emotions. Abandon my pathway for something promised? I’ve never entertained that notion.

This gift served as a reminder of that very day, a new heartbeat in my life stopped abruptly and faded away. Returning with an account of how fond they feel about me. Then flying back to land, leaving my thoughts deep within the sea.

I want to say thanks for that moment the gift was placed into my hands.

I want that time to be remembered when my body dies sinking into the sand.

I want the world to know I care, I’ll post this gift on for many to enjoy and share.

Inside my mind lives a sensitive soul, that beats daily to a creative flow. I try to fit into misaligned spaces. I gift smiles to many strangers. At a time I had fallen and needed a friend, our universe sent this person to repair and mend.

I initially discouraged any thought of remaining friends. Only, they pleaded and convinced me that we’ll ride or die till the end! I believed and trusted that maybe some good could come from their request. It gradually went as they failed to invest. It’s accurate to say that as I write this, I’m upset.

Today, I took some actions that will benefit me long term.

I wrote a few words that I’ll revisit and learn.

I took care and paid attention when wrapping up this thoughtful gift.

I sealed it with love and blessed it with one wish.

‘I wish that whenever someone opens this, they feel warm. They feel safe and they trust that no matter how badly something goes wrong. As each new day arrives, they’ll heal inside. Know that eventually, life will improve and be alright.’

This book was gifted to me as a surprise, on a day my nerves were sky-high. A day I knew inside this person would uniquely impact my life.

Thank you, eternally.


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Birds of Britain and Europe available via Amazon

A Statement

I’d have accepted your apology if your actions matched.

I’d have forgiven your naivety if your regret was genuine.

I’d have assisted the repair if your tools weren’t faulty.

But I’ll be dammed if I allow this bullshit to continue.

On my heart, I’ve held out and had nothing but hope for a renewed friendship.

Only it’s Monday the 16th of November 2020 and through mourning the loss of my grandparent. I’ve reviewed this.

Which is worse? A friendship watered sporadically by one or a friendship set on fire maliciously by the other?

‘You never liked us anyway, fuck your friendship. I meant it!’ – Kendrick Lamar