Exit Sasha – A Short-story by Unique

Written by Unique

Exit Sasha

     ‘Sasha, you should use a saucer for dinner. No rice, no chicken, just have salad no salt.’


     ‘Well, can’t you see that you’re gaining weight?’

My mother removes the plate of Chicken, rice, roast-potatoes, and sweet corn from my hands. Places it on the kitchen counter. Then serves up one lettuce leaf, one slice of tomato, and two paper-thin slices of cucumber. No salt. She hands me back what she boastfully referrers to as Sunday roast.

     ‘There you go Sasha, eating in moderation will have you as slim and trim as me in no time.’

     ‘But I’m not fat.’

     ‘Sasha, darling normal women your age are a lot smaller. When I was your age twenty years ago, I always ensured that I ate healthily. None of these alcohol-fuelled, kebab filled weekends. Maybe you should sign up to that gym in town, its affordable and open twenty-four hours a day.’

     ‘Mother, you know that I don’t drink alcohol and I’m not keen on kebab.’

     ‘I’m sorry darling, so that wasn’t you on Facebook last night, with that misshapen girl outside Bill’s kebab shop? Hash-tag take-away selfie, wasn’t that the caption?’

      ‘I was holding Stephanie’s food; Lorna thought it would be funny to pose outside Bills.’

     ‘Well, Sasha, I’ve been telling you for months now. But if you want to continue eating yourself into an early grave, then go-ahead! I suppose I can arrange for a bigger plot to be created to accommodate you.’

I feel tears peering out at my mother. I’m hot. This kitchen is getting hotter, I need to get out of here. I place the meagre portion of salad on the kitchen counter. Watching my mother smiling. Perhaps content that her advice is supposedly penetrating its way to, my last remaining intelligent brain cell instructing me not to eat.

     ‘I’m not saying that you’re Fatso, from the movie Casper, Sasha. I just wonder if you’ve ever picked up a copy of Vogue. Don’t you even aspire to look better?’

I’m too angry to respond; I turn away and retreat upstairs to my bedroom.

You’re Fine if Refined

I close my door and lock it. I turn on my iPod docking system search for Mariah Carey, and press play on Cry Baby, singing alternate lyrics every-time. It’s becoming a ritual.

     Late at night, like a little child wandering around, with my sweatpants on, in my black plastic bag…

     I turn and size myself up to the floor-length oak-framed mirror, interesting gift from Mother. For a moment, I close my eyes and inhale. I see black. I picture an ideal Sasha; she looks like Beyoncé’s alter ego Sasha Fierce. Slim with sun-kissed skin, big bright eyes, long slender legs, tiny waist only twenty inches. Sasha Fierce is sexy, every man wants her, and every woman is compelled to compliment her. I open my eyes and exhale. I see my big brown, dull eyes, my curves minutely visible through my black sweat-pants.

     ‘But you’re an average weight? Are you sure? What is that hanging from your waistline? Maybe that’s puppy-fat? Yes, you’re a fat bitch, just like mother keeps telling you.’

Slowly I remove my fat hiding, black, protecting clothing, tossing them to the side of my mirror. Unclasping my bra, my eyes record a mental image of the imprints left behind. Years of denial weaving its way into my shoulders, underwire impressions over-lapping impressions upon both breasts. Finally, I remove my knickers, a very cosy size 18. Here I stand in my rarely ever seen form, crying at the Sasha staring back.

     Mariah Carey continues to sing, oblivious to my imminent need for food in my life. I tip-toe and reach up, just above my stained oak wardrobe clutching onto Stanley. I resume my position facing myself. A clear shapely over-eater stares back, craving some of mother’s beautifully prepared Sunday roast. I close my eyes; inhale breathing in that succulent seductive scent of roast chicken. I see myself as Sasha Fierce. Exhale reopening them with Stanley clenched tightly within my right hand, I’m ready I can do this. Tensing my body, I examine my shameful exposed appearance from head to toe.

     ‘Go on Fatso, mimic Bernini, chisel yourself into a baroque sculpture then go and stand in the middle of Fontana Dei Quattro Fumi, and admire the world standing in awe at your beauty.’

     At first, I don’t feel the initial kiss of the blade against my skin or the marriage between old flesh and Stanley. I feel excited at the exhilarating thought that in a short time I’ll be brand new. I carve the fat off better than Bill with his minuscule portions of kebab every Saturday night. Starting with my right thigh, eagerly tending to the left, I start singing along with Mariah, which makes it easier to ignore my pain.

Late at night like a little child, exploring life at home, in my refined form with stilettos on, walking around so tall…

I bring Stanley up to my face, his shimmer of afternoon sunshine glowing from the tip as a gift to my double chin. Highlighting imperfection and with thoughts of perfection in mind, I slice away my double chin, dice off my chubby-cheeks, and with ease scale back my meaty neck that holds all of this fat upright. I stare down as crimson oozes out of both thighs. I look at the pounds of fat now divorced from my body, at rest by my feet, pure satisfaction. I pinch the over-hang of my waist with my left hand, and edge round my excess swiftly with Stanley. ‘Late at night…’ Pain shoots through my lower abdomen. I glance at my fat-free reflection, but before I could complete my new wash-board mid-section, I collapse right over the heap of freshly trimmed wholesome kebab.

May Sasha Rest in Peace

There she is peacefully at rest…

     ‘Inhale Think of that long winding path at the end, you arrive at your personal peaceful place. Life is too short to live regretfully. Relax you’re safe there, no one can harm you, release negative chi skyward.’

     ‘…Three, two, and one Sasha exhale and rise.’

I open up my eyes, a house sparrow sings right over me. ‘Bow your head, and Inhale Sasha.’ I caress the grass that surrounds me. ‘Look up, and exhale Sasha.’ Taking my time, I sit up. Outside is so beautiful, Kibbles my neighbours’ kitten purrs up beside my feet, I feel his little heartbeat.

     ‘Thank you, you were great today Sasha. You’ll reach your target weight in no time. Shall we say Saturday at 8am?’

     ‘Yes, thanks, Mark.’

My new personal trainer Mark Lincoln compliments me further, places my diet plan for the week on the garden table, then leaves. For a while, I take in my surroundings, staring up at the sky, baby-blue with mild hints of cyan complimenting the life that lives beneath it. Life goes on with or without Sasha…

Fierce and Flammable

5 O’clock naturally, I wake up. The scent of Mothers bacon attempts to lure me down. But no, I don’t need that. I climb out of bed and open both windows. I admire the vixen and her cubs scanning the garden before venturing out further, in search of breakfast. A squirrel races across our washing-line, hurrying to retrieve a tiny morsel of dog food that it dropped seconds ago. I turn facing my oak bookcase, pulling out all the diet books; Janet Thompson, Think More Eat less; Kimberly Willis, The little book of diet help; Robert Ashton, The life plan. Gathering my over-priced collection of diet magazines too, ranging from Weight Watchers, Women’s Health, and Slimming World. (I have issues dating back to January 2012). Finally, from the very top of my almost junk-free bookcase, I remove a large container of acai-berry weight-loss pills. Seven purse-friendly boxes of Senokot tablets, and the thirteen takeaway menus, that I placed here so that my mother wouldn’t notice. I throw them all into my wash-basket. Picking up my remote I select repeat, play increasing the volume Cry-baby starts to soothe me once more. I grab my overused black Pauls Boutique shopper bag, and empty my wardrobe of everything that’s black, excessively loose, and surely anything that suggests I like to hide my curves. ‘On my tippy-toes, so that Mother won’t know that I’m delighted with my bootyful body.’ I smile, and toss the bag into the wash-basket, and head downstairs, outside into the garden. No sign of the vixen, her cubs are now silent. A wood pigeon perches on the plum tree, awaiting my next move.

     I empty the contents of my wash-basket into the incinerator, pulling it down the path to a better position. I remove the box of matches that I grabbed on my way out. Setting alight eight years of stubborn fat, my history. Tears escape my eyes. I’m hot, so I remove my sweatpants, ill-fitting black sweater, and cosy Bridget Jones styled knickers throwing them into the flames. My vision is blurred drowning in relief; I sing in loving memory of the old Sasha Walking around alone, on my tippy-toes…nothing ever has to be perfect.

Here I stand for the world to see, I am Sasha.

Enter Sasha

It’s a warm Sunday afternoon in March. Mother has prepared roast lamb, roast potatoes and a selection of seasonal vegetables. Oh and gravy, I love gravy.

She then places two equal-sized plates on the kitchen counter, and serves up dinner; two slices of lamb; two small roast potatoes; two sticks of asparagus; three slices of carrot; and one large floret of broccoli.

     ‘May I have a bit more lamb please, Mother?’

     ‘Well, I suppose one more piece won’t do any harm.’

She begins to carve again. Slicing off the smallest piece of lamb, I’m guessing 2 inches long and 2 millimetres thick. Smiling, she places her generosity on my plate motioning towards the gravy-boat, she pours a faint drizzle over dinner. Then with a sarcastic remark, she says.

     ‘You’ve now got enough to feed a zoo.’

Closing that sentence with a little laugh, mother hands me my plate and picks hers up then heads to the dining-room. I follow her taking a seat directly opposite her. I bite into this succulent, tongue tantalising nit-bit of roast lamb, and glance up.

     ‘Thank you, Mother.’

     ‘No need to thank me, dear, I’m your mother and mothers always know best.’

I glance down at my reflection on my knife. I see my big bright brown eyes, high model type cheekbones, my long slim neckline, and I see my beautiful lips…my beautiful smiling lips. I make a mental note about how sexy my body feels in the new red fitted size 12 peplum dress that mother bought for me from Topshop last week.

I’m happy. Welcome back, Sasha.

Maybe Baby?

Maybe I’ll pretend I can’t see the see she pollution pouring out your mouth.

Baby, I can smell the shit around your lips.

Maybe, I’ll pretend I don’t know you. But baby, please read a book.

Maybe, it’s true you’re wealthy! Only, baby, I don’t entertain ignorance.

Maybe, I’ll slip into a black fitting ensemble, diamond choker and have breakfast at Tiffany’s?

Baby, I’m out of your league,




Best wishes with your future endeavours.



Dear Karen(s)

I hear your complaints.

I see your complaints.

I smell your complaints.

As an existing form of life, you are worthless.

Your thoughts are nonsensical.

Your vision is white.

Your tactics are deployed when you wish to step on those with rich hues.




Karen, I see you form gangs in offices.

Karen, I see you form gangs in apartment blocks.

Karen, I see you form gangs at BBQs.

Karen, I see you form gangs in the supermarket.

Karen, I see you form gangs during annual leave.

Karen, I hear you cry wolf to authority.

Karen, I hear you cry wolf to the police.

Karen, I hear you cry wolf to other white people.

Karen, I hear you cry – I see no tears.

Karen, I see you on your vigilante escapades.

Karen, I see you acting like a victim in our society.

Karen, I see you bulling people with rich skin tones.

Karen, I see you hitting people with beautiful skin tones.

Karen, I see you pull a gun!




Karen, you’re racist!

Karen, you’re prejudice.

Karen, you’re ignorant.

What a waste of precious heartbeats – Unique


I don’t want your blessings.

I don’t want your blessings.

I don’t want your blessings.

Keep em’

Ask your God to bless the babies born with cancer.

Bless the sea that fills with plastic.

Bless the lands that burn through with fire.

Bless the air that’s polluted by humans.

Bless the animals that perish through human action.

Bless the homeless that beg, while unused homes fill with dust.

Bless the heartbeats that have long since faded.

I don’t want your blessings.

I don’t want your blessings.

I don’t want your blessings.

The Coin

In my pocket

I had £1 in my pocket. Left pocket, coat pocket.

I held it tight.

‘Spare some change please love?’

But what of this love? Who’s love? I don’t love you. You don’t know me. I’m walking by, right past you.

I reply, ‘sorry, I don’t have any spare change.’

What of spare change? Who has spare money? How would one define spare?

‘God bless you.’

What of this God? Why does he not bless you with the spare change you seek? Why do you ask for the change from strangers, when God is known as ‘all-mighty’ and women are seen as weak?

My coin is now hot.

My pocket is toasty and warm.

My mind wonders if God will return and save you, from your likelihood of doom.

Don’t Expect

Don’t expect me to be the one to say yes! Yes, I accept below-par experiences.

Don’t expect me to be the idiot that ignores your shit. I see it, I smell it, fuck off – I stepped in it.

I’m not the one. I’m not the one.

Don’t expect me to express love in a way that resembles what you deserve.

Don’t expect me to accept the bullshit you play on. Play with and share out.

I’m not the one. I’m not the one.

Don’t expect me to trade my time for your time when your time is never my time.

Don’t expect me to remain silent when your feathers are in full plumage.

I’ll never water myself down…my feathers enjoy the signs of the air. Take me straight or fuck out of here.

My title was Unique, long before the big bang. Or the theory behind the minds of those who still argue about facts.

Remember that. Remember that. Remember that.

I didn’t Know

I didn’t know about you prior to you being you and noticing me.

I hadn’t heard of you before you spoke directly to me.

I had never seen you before.

I didn’t know you were an undercover dickhead.

I hadn’t foreseen your consistent dramas and nonsensical way of life, prior to that day.

I didn’t know you’re just a glorified mouthpiece.

I can’t imagine you becoming anything more than you are currently – that is nothing.

Snakes Invade my Space

Snakes Invade my Space

They wear suits.

They appear friendly.

They stab your soul and act as you’ve harmed them.

Their lies are accepted by those who look akin to their reflection.

They wear burgundy, they dress professionally.

They spread lies – faster than coronavirus.

They breed and multiply, they outlive the good ones. It’s like they never fade away and die.

Snakes slither around my feet, acting weak and in need like their life is deep and unseen by Unique.

They don’t strike out and bite into my Achilles muscle. They slither back and report I stomped on their heads. The slither by again, slower than the first time, they smile as they’ve successfully poisoned the ignorant heartbeats, within my space.

A group of snakes can hiss the same shit, they can do that daily. This does not equal the truth being reiterated by one.

 A pit of snakes slid through my path, they tricked the masses and smiled at me during the process. Upon reflection, I now realise your life was never more than an insignificant birth.

The Glass Lift

We stepped into a corner of an envelope. It was glass and went to the top.

I felt afraid because this contraption was familiar but never seen like this.

4 segments with a square shaft, going up and zooming down, all made of transparent glass.

I stepped in after you and we shot up. I feared for our lives.

I stretched my arms out as if my fingers would keep me in place.

At times I thought the glass would shatter and we would fall from the sky, painfully flaying limb by limb as we both fade away and die.


The bus was crowded but I boarded as the weather was awful and I needed to get home.

There was no space so I stood near to doorway, the driver shouted for us to move further down the bus, but there was nowhere to for us to go.

I held on tight to the nearest bar and tried to avoid leaning into people when the bus made hard turns. That’s when I felt your coat, sliding across my left arm. Back and forth, once was enough – but then it continued, I looked around and I looked at you, but you did not look at me. The texture I felt had vanished.

You looked ahead in the direction you were facing and that was beyond my presence.

I froze.

I turned away. The bus swayed and came to a halt, it wasn’t my stop but I had to inch closer to a lady standing beside me. I had no choice but to make room for the other passengers.

The bus continued and I was no closer to home than when my journey started 8 minutes ago. I felt your coat again, sliding up and down my lower back. I was too scared to turn around, so I moved my handbag and for a moment, you stopped.

A minute or two later, you pressed against me and I could feel your…

That night I felt violated on public transport.

That night I wanted to scream, ‘what the fuck are you doing?’ but I lost my voice.

That night my mind was pushing me to push my way through the others and get off at the next stop – but it was dark, and the rain was heavy, and I had no money to get another service.

That night you chose me.

That night you touched me, over and over again.

That moment, I couldn’t even cry, shout, speak, move, I was frozen.


I run through the dark forests and no fear resides within.

The birds chant over my head.

Crow flies silently above the treetops.

I remove myself from your pool of toxicity. I breathe.

Explanation Unique?


I owe nothing to no one.

I pay myself in time and appreciation.

The tone of your voice no longer lingers around my thoughts. Forgotten.

I don’t quite recall the shade of your iris.

Hit different.

My mind rests easily upon my mind. I carry it with pride.

The ants march underfoot and look up to catch a glimpse of my deep brown eyes and the glimmers of Crows sapphire blue stares.

I stop at a cliff edge and bellow out all the pain I’ve been holding onto: ‘please don’t deny me!’

Crow lands on my right shoulder, claws deepen into my muscle. Blood flows down my right breast and between my armpit.

Tears bleed out and the scenic image around me is now tinted with red.

I turn my head right and kiss Crow on his head. Bloody tears drip onto his ebony shaded feathers.

I look behind at the forest, then up to the sky.

‘It hit different!’ I cry.

And like that with no apprehension, I leap out and we both plummet through the misty confusion you cursed me with. I hear you crying. It warms my heart, speed picks up and I look at Crow – he’s smiling.

A rock scraps my left ankle. My bloody tears jump and float above us

Into the skies, deep into our universe and sprinkle across our sun

The evidence we never aligned.

With grey slapping my face I whisper ‘please don’t deny me.’

The fog clears and presents a deep blue pool of nothingness. Crow and I plunge into the icy waters.

The liquid clears every speck of blood away from us. My vision is clear, I see black!

I see black.

I see only black.

Then I turn to my right and see two glows from Crow’s sapphire blue eyes. He looks up and they beam out the most intense blue light.

We drift up, breaking through the surface of the water

Crow bellows out ‘and then Unique was free, and then Unique was free and then Unique was free!’

The icy water forces us into the sky and through our universe – we both hit the centre of the sun.