Nightmare Series: CLOWN

I should’ve never swiped right.

Guess you were dragged up from the dregs of societies gutter. Low down where the super-sized rats roam through the shit you spew from your brittle lips.

‘You’re just a puppet show.

A little boy that often sits alone and cries.’ – Mariah Carey

The catalyst for your disruption was that I woke up.

I saw the bits of matted flea covered fur you left around me. I noticed the putrid smell of your shitty words and the horrific sight of your existence.

Go perform like the clown you know best.

Go play dress up and hide the overplayed mess.

Go mimic better men and tell yourself you’re amazing. Self-affirm some nonsense to take attention away from the fact that you’re less than nothing.

A stain in a basement of an abandoned, derelict house. No one truly cares about you.

‘Who’s gonna love you when it all falls down? Who’s gonna love you when your bankroll runs out? Who’s gonna care when the novelty is over?’ – Mariah Carey

‘Not I,’ said Unique

‘Not I,’ said Unique

‘Not I,’ said Unique

Nightmare Series: Pain


I’m, I’m Unique.

I’m in pain.

Because you stabbed me.

I’m bleeding out.

Remember our first kiss?

I’ve been feeling pain, trying to hold on.

I’m cold.

I tried. Albeit haphazardly.

But when is it right to wanna end my existence?

The only thing I did wrong was choosing you to rest my heart on.

Let it be known that I truly believed that together we would be phenomenal. Only you don’t think you deserve a woman as amazing as me.

At the fall of my last tear, you turn your back and begin to cry.

Regret is your mindset.

Nightmare Series: Two Options

Water one.
Ignore the other.

Feed one.
Banish the other.

Praise one.
Lie to the other.

‘My one and only, I love you, baby.’

What about the other?
What about the other?
What about the other?

You never truly cared…

One night as you sleep peacefully with the one you chose.

The other will wake you with their screams of betrayal – it’s the lies that hurt the most.

You won’t have time to react as they’ve stabbed an ice-pick through your trachea.

The other went on to reap blessings in abundance.
The other went on to reap blessings in abundance.
The other went on to reap blessings in abundance.

It was 3 weeks before anyone noticed production had come to a halt. The one flew far away with cash filled in a rucksack and a statement on Wiki.

The other made a video about liars: ‘remember, telling lies is bad for your health and well-being. It ruins endless memories and life opportunities!’

The other scratches the end of their nose and whispers, ‘the other will always rise above you. Cut you out.
Cut you out.
Cut you out.’

The Nightmare Series by Dame Unique

Welcome to the Nightmare Series by Dame Unique. An original collection conceived from the dark areas of our worst fears.

This series will explore those nightmares that have made you jump out of bed, from a deep sleep. Cause you to cry during your time of rest and peace.

Do not read if you fear loss!

Do not read if you seek calm!

Do not read if you hope to feel good about yourself afterwards!

I am a figment of someone else’s imagination.

I am the mean-spirited thought process that stunts any required conclusion.

I typically don’t care for your soul, only your mind.

Your mind is your most valuable, most palpable asset.

Even the thinnest slice is worth a great fortune.

Do not oversleep!

Written with love by Dame Unique

Pain Series: Perplexed

My heart going wild within my chest.




Everything is a mess!





There’s no escape.

No escape.


I shudder at the endless variations on the next event. I fear failure and a steel tent over my need to communicate.

I feel faint…I…

_we both know what was said during that conversation. Your title holds little weight with outside communication. I don’t know when I don’t know how but I’ll find you in the future.

I’ll open my eyes and gut your soul, placing an end to our contention.

Pain Series: The Stained Glass Heart

At first glance on a bright sunny day, the colours consume you, in awe, some may say.

Through the core of a black woman, radiating pure love.

Incomparable to the rings around her, due to hatred from eyes self-positioned above.

Push through.

Push forward.

Educate all and any along the way.

Allow the strength of your soul to shine through, your stained glass heart, always.