A whore secured a bag with their front.

A bag weighed less.

An ex-partner secured a bag with their front.

A bag weighed less.

An employee secured a bag with their front.

A bag weighed less.

A fellow on the level secured a bag with their front.

A bag weighed less.

A woman was once drowned and was forgotten by the owner of the bag.

A bag weighed the same.

A woman who had drowned once cried over the words that were spoken to her in a lie.

Her bag was non-existent and her heart too delicate to comfort.

A woman stood up and tentatively walked towards safety. Her wet clothes clung fiercely and her mind withdrew for a few days.

A woman woke up and secured her mind.

A woman inhaled and secured her breath.

A woman felt stronger and secured her heart.

A woman remembered who she is and secured her love.

A woman walked with grace and each step attracted growth.

A woman walked and walked until her beating heart transformed and set her soul free.


At night the brightest star glowed many light-years away.

I saw it, night after night, after night.

Pressing my hands against the large windowpane, watching sky glitter again and again, and again.

My deep brown eyes stare right at a single star.

Knowing in my heart, I’ll always know exactly where you are.

Deep blue space encapsulates life, stars around stars, around stars for the real ones.

I sleep wonderfully each new night.

Under the stars, closing my eyes and resting my mind.

Good night.


One time a person was upset so they cried. #Defective

One time a person was happy so they boasted to someone on WhatsApp #ThatsFine

One time a person decided to tell lies to benefit themselves and hurt another. #ThatsFine

One time a friend reached out to an old friend for comfort and was admonished and labelled moody. #Defective

One time a person alluded to suicide and reached out to someone for comfort #ThatsFine

One time a friend needed support and just to talk on the phone, as the other person had said they could always do. They called and was labelled moody. #Defective

One time a person confided in the other and expressed that their life is in turmoil right now. #ThatsFine

One time a person replied to a message to ask for clarification of the current conversation? The recipient of that message only messages when they need reassurances or a mental boost. However, the sender of the first message was labelled as moody for asking such a question #Defective

One time a person asked in the early hours of the morning if the other was awake? They wanted to talk and needed comforting. A mental boost and life reassurances. Although the recipient was exhausted they delivered what was required #ThatsFine

One time a person texted around 0433 in the morning, wishing the other person a wonderful day. That person was firstly thanked and then reprimanded and labelled moody. #Defective

One morning on Monday the 16th of November 2020, a person realised that whenever they need a bit of support from the other person who has overused they’re requests. That person sees them as someone who has many mood swings and is defective.

What was forgotten is that same person casting such harsh judgement, was found to have leaned on the defective one many times. One may even say that had it not been for the strength and resilience of the one that has been labelled moody – that scornful person would’ve ended their time in our universe.

A woman once uplifted a man, nourishing his life and renewing his outlook in this world.

A man once understood the woman who helped him so much, now needed a soundboard. He understood her needs, raised his ego above her small request via WhatsApp. Grabbed her by her confidence, the little she had left and choked her into silence.

When she woke up Thursday 19th of November 2020, she remembered the above and immediately sought to document it.

No one should be made to feel small and defective because they’re feeling sad due to intangible elements unfolding within their lives.

No one should be taken advantage of. When another person needs support and guidance. That same person should not turn around and ridicule the one that now needs them. They should remember specifically the several occasions they leaned heavily onto the one that now seeks their support.

No one should be disrespected and trampled on. Bulls should not be permitted to roam freely in public spaces – they’re aggressive at the sight of red lipstick. They’re dismissive of factual evidence and they’re forgetful at the notion that the one they now stomp on dismissively, is mainly responsible for their strong heartbeats.

Remember, for every dark night there’s a brighter day! And for every time a person uses and dismisses another, our universe always remembers and gives back what they shared out. So while three days have followed the attack on personality and existence.

I woke up this morning realising that this was written. It has happened. I comprehend the messages between the stars.

So be it. So it is.

I’m forever thankful for the lessons I learn in this life and the lifetime endurance I often wade through. In the absence of a broken heart, a lost soul and a mind that is mocked by the masses. I could not fathom a basic description often surroundings both near and online.

Tears may escape my eyes when flashes of this tremendous loss are thought of. I must note, this is since despite being treated so harshly by the specimen above, I cherish the good times and know that my life will always flourish in part.

This is the route I’ve taken.

No one should be mocked for expressing a range of emotions.

We are all human!

All life expresses emotions, around 27 emotions are present.

Don’t take your hypocritical hoof and crush a person for expressing themselves.

Don’t forget you were once on the other side of the phone, doing the same thing.

Don’t forget that even though you may be feeling the happy emotion, it was a short while ago you shared your depression. Unfortunately, happiness won’t stick around forever, it comes in many forms. As do the other 26 emotions. I do believe you need to do some extensive soul searching.

But don’t take my thoughts on that for granted. I’m probably experiencing mood swings. #Nonsense

Dame Unique

Exclusive: Crows Cackle

The morning sky was dark, wind flowed around the sharp black claws of a small black body that was perched at the top…

The sweet aroma of aloe vera incense glided slowly throughout their home on the back of small gusts of wind. The back door was open, with a thin gap around half an inch in width.

Halloween had long since passed, weeks before this very night. I must press that a bonfire glitters brightly in the hungry eyes of the black one that sat in silence on the peak of a squidgy surface.

Three unworthy cries go out, as a plea of anguish to the moon that glows creating a dull sparkle in one set of eyes. They believed that in this life, God will hear them out and answer them in a timely fashion.

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A sharp snap was felt a little way down from where a black ball of well-preened feathers grows.

Pop! went the spine of ignorance, whose behaviour was noted down in a carefully monitored situation.


‘Moody swings.’

‘Moody,’ whispers glide through the night sky.

An even louder pop came out just as the black one’s claw pierced through a spine. The lump wailed ‘forgive me! I promise I’ll try better next time.’

The black plumage paused and tilted its head to the left. Sapphire eyes looked magical and glistened with moonshine and fire. Don’t you agree?

The black boulder glanced up at the sky, a look of satisfaction to the Lord. Why not ask to be saved from God or maybe even Mary at a stretch? Why only plead for forgiveness, under the turmoil of fear and piss scented sweat?

The black sphere of hope did not consider your request.

For your ignorant behaviour had sentenced you to death.

Another disc popped, and yet a few more followed… The fire raged on naturally, the moon continued to shine. The aloe vera incense finished its purpose, yet its last slither of smoke is inhaled by a black beast that smothered a wounded sound.

At the moment a weak whimper fades to a stop, Crow cackles.

A pile was sent up North.

With its tongue and its eyes and hands cut off.

Morning arrives and the day is new

A day is new and a clock keeps ticking.

Crows best friend wakes up and declares, ‘I feel uplifted. Blessed day.’

Crow never heard that common name repeated anywhere in our universe again.

Inspired by Ted Hughes: Crow

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The Gift

This book was gifted to me as a surprise, on a day my nerves were sky-high. A day I knew inside this person would uniquely impact my life.

They listened and understood what I liked to thrive.

They heard the song of birds and played with the wind.

We quickly become close and that’s where this piece will end.

Never during our time did I believe we would come to this.

Never could I fully comprehend their ability to promote ignorance and indulge in bliss.

Never have I doubted the power of our universe, I always listen to my heart which sometimes tangles me beside amateurs in the form of a gift or a curse.

I believe I’m destined to go through periods of emotions. Abandon my pathway for something promised? I’ve never entertained that notion.

This gift served as a reminder of that very day, a new heartbeat in my life stopped abruptly and faded away. Returning with an account of how fond they feel about me. Then flying back to land, leaving my thoughts deep within the sea.

I want to say thanks for that moment the gift was placed into my hands.

I want that time to be remembered when my body dies sinking into the sand.

I want the world to know I care, I’ll post this gift on for many to enjoy and share.

Inside my mind lives a sensitive soul, that beats daily to a creative flow. I try to fit into misaligned spaces. I gift smiles to many strangers. At a time I had fallen and needed a friend, our universe sent this person to repair and mend.

I initially discouraged any thought of remaining friends. Only, they pleaded and convinced me that we’ll ride or die till the end! I believed and trusted that maybe some good could come from their request. It gradually went as they failed to invest. It’s accurate to say that as I write this, I’m upset.

Today, I took some actions that will benefit me long term.

I wrote a few words that I’ll revisit and learn.

I took care and paid attention when wrapping up this thoughtful gift.

I sealed it with love and blessed it with one wish.

‘I wish that whenever someone opens this, they feel warm. They feel safe and they trust that no matter how badly something goes wrong. As each new day arrives, they’ll heal inside. Know that eventually, life will improve and be alright.’

This book was gifted to me as a surprise, on a day my nerves were sky-high. A day I knew inside this person would uniquely impact my life.

Thank you, eternally.


As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. I only endorse products that I use personally and have something positive to share with you all.

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