Creative Writing: Character Creation (MINI) PDF

Welcome to July 1st, 2021!

What a rippling year it has been so far for many Creative Writers around the world.

During the past 18 months (life in lockdown,) I’ve corresponded with fantastic Creative Writers and Creators within the industry for the arts.

Networking has been one of my positives to come out of these unprecedented times. Throughout a plethora of conversations, the topic swayed to characters and how to create them. As some of you may already know, I specialise in writing short fiction, my ultimate form of narrative – the characters I have created and enhanced are believable and captivating. Even the deceitful characters are loved by an audience that appreciates written pieces of art.

Following excellent feedback from my fellow Creative Writers, I have made a MINI guide for anyone that needs it.

I hope you enjoy this FREE PDF, and it helps you develop the art of creating characters.

Remember that help is always available from DAMEUNIQUE.blog for anyone that needs it.’ Unique

Please note: This version of Character Creation PDF is the MINI version that is available as a FREE download. This guide is to be used as a tool to help Creative Writers create characters.

***I should add that a PRO version of this document will be published at a later date.***

As this is the first document of this kind that I have shared with my fellow Creative Writers, I would appreciate any feedback that you may have. (Please use the comments below, or get in touch via e-mail.)

Welcome August 2021

Welcome August

I made plans upon plans upon plans in July!

Week by week, I had made plans to write every day and build on a creative piece I’m working on. I decided that July would be the month I churn out 20,000 words of art.

     Unfortunately, I failed with that endeavour and kept running away from the mini-goals I had set out for myself. August is a new month, and rather than aiming to complete a set number of words per day, I’m opting to complete something each day! Meaning it could range between 5 to 5000 words per day. I’ve just got to write and not think about anything else.

As a Creative Writer, I often dwell over the things I’ve yet to achieve, knowing that I can accomplish a lot with a bit of effort.

August 2021

This morning I woke up intending to write 1500 words; needless to say, I drifted to sleep thinking about my life and where I am at the moment. It has been a month of managing my OCD, and that has been difficult to accept at times.

     However, August has arrived, and I know I can achieve some amazing things this month. First, I need to address the elephant in the room and focus on my grammar and punctuation, which I know is diabolical! Shame is a weird element for me to pay attention to, but I can’t keep avoiding it.

I’m aware my creativity is unique, and I’m genuinely blessed to create and develop life within my creative pieces. However, the fact still remains that I could become a better writer with more focus on my weaknesses and less avoidance of the ink-blue elephant.

Here I am, as raw as a piece of meat, knowing a mighty beast will eat me and my bones will remain out in the sun, drying out and eventually forgotten.


A Saturday of Significance – 31.07.2021

I bellowed out sounds of pain and misfortune.

I shot bullets of hatred out to our world, and I denied the powers of our universe.

I split my mind in four and crushed two pieces with a pestle and mortar! What else would stone be good for?

Today you shattered my diamond walls, and I let you back in.

I trust we have reconnected for a positive reason – when I discover what it is, I’ll be sure to let you know.


A Saturday of Significance – 17.07.2021

I never thought we could get to a place like this.

Back then, I was bubbling over with anger because you hurt me and the pain cut deep.

Later on, I dipped my fingers into jealousy and flirted with crazy.

You had broken me, no sign of repair.

Today, I see your notifications, and I smile – we’re happy with this space.

It’s safe and ours.

I trust and believe that we will blossom forever.

Thank you.

Exclusive: Malefic Mondays – It Never Left 12.07.2021

It Never Left.

Aren’t you tired of bathing in ignorance?

Does your brain crave education? Your cells are non-existent.

You hear bells in between your words.

Ding-dong! Ding-dong!

The world of ignorance awaits your signature. Sign up in your mind and deliver stupidity because your levels of common sense and respect have depleted. Instead, you hide behind avatars and the screen of a smart device. Shame the end-user has no sense of sight.

You’re aggrieved.

We get it; you hate black people.

We get it; you’re jealous of our entire existence.

Our black skin makes your ignorant mind boil from within.

Crow and I sit peacefully, sipping mint tea and swear down, we’re not smiling at the sight before us.

For every racist comment you make, the temperature in your head increases by 1 degree.

We watch all the dregs of society boil up and fade away into nothingness.


It never left.