A Drink & a Tale

Unique unique unique ME

I’ve almost finished this bottle of wine.

It’s almost late and somewhat bedtime.

I think and you know what? I’m here and there! I’m drinking through the bottle and I don’t really care.

I give so


I give bits of little

They push me down into darkness and I never spill a drop. I never drop.

I have no slippers on, no heels just my skin.

I’m here today and my thoughts kinda spin.

We win on a Saturday and I never pray anymore.

I’m almost drunk on a bunch of grapes but I know how to explore

June 26th 2020: An Arbitrary Thought


I found joy today, in the form of a bag of lettuce.

It was pre-washed and still crunchy, despite the hints of light brown around some of the edges.

I gave it companionship by placing slices of cucumber beside it and I showered it with sesame seeds after this picture was taken.

The heat embraced my body with its hotness, but a cool breeze broke through and glided around me.

Right now, I’m thankful for my readers – without you, only my mind would enjoy these words.



I have nothing summery to wear or nothing that would be deemed summer-ish!

So, I found an old pair of shorts and an even older vest top. I changed into this ensemble after my shower and strolled around my home, feeling like a super-star!

No, it’s true, I have no bra on.

It’s too hot!

Who wants to wrap their breasts into a bra, a burgundy bra, a burgundy lace bra? ‘Not I’ said Unique.

Said me. Said I.

Picture this:

I’m sprawled out on my Livingroom rug, windows wide open and enjoying a mild cool breeze flowing down and over my body. I remained on my back for a moment and this moment was like 45 minutes long.

     My breasts are free and breathing deeply. What? You never knew that breasts could breathe? Haha, I’m referencing my deep inhales and exhales.

I’m speaking about airflow.

Laying here I’m undisturbed, my phone is on flight mode and at the bottom of a bedroom drawer. You know, the drawer filled with panties I only wear when menstruating. Yeah, I don’t mind telling you about it – all my panties are clean and hold the sweet aroma of cherry blossom.

After 45 minutes I get up and head into the kitchen. Grab a bottle of water, open it and add a few drops of lemon juice. I take a deep gulp and feel renewed.

My home is hot, but not all rooms the coolest is the bathroom. But what writer do you know spends the day in their bathroom, writing? But it’s so cool, so I sat in there for 8 minutes at a time.

It would never be considered as strange, as no one need know – until you.

Right now, I’m writing about my day and about the heat that rose through my heart into my veins and through to my keyboard. I’m not the best writer in the world, my mistakes in writing are glaringly obvious – I’m not hiding from you. I’m proud of who I am and how my life is evolving!

My creative nature contains no restrictions. Sometimes I write from my heart, other times I write from my mind, today I write from my body – I write from my breasts.

Suck on that for a moment, I’m still melting…

A Gradual Ease


No socialising, no socialising. I forbid you to fucking socialise.

2 Metres, 2 metres no more than 2 metres.

1 metre and 2 bubbles! Oooh, pub crawls from July 4th. The rest of your educational year is still prohibited.


RIP, ‘Thankfully, only a few hundred people have died since last week.’

‘Remember, to wash your hands!’

The Scoop

Was non-existent.

I #thetea and received a plethora of correspondence.

I told them you don’t change your underwear daily. That you wait until you’re on your period.

One Twitter user said he had sick in his mouth because he had masturbated over your images the night before.

I find it fascinating how online, everyone shares anything.

Crow: Happy Fathers Day


The sun shone brightly and beautifully over everything here today in this space. The trees, bees, birds and I. The bees, birds, trees and Crow.

Together, side by side we perched on a wooden bench. Mrs Anna Smith 2019 was engraved into a bit of copper behind my back. Crows sapphire eyes rested at the scene and my heart eased at the setting.

     Earlier this morning we had woken up at 0400 and then again at 1000. We had eaten waffles for breakfast! Crow made 3, one for me, one for himself and the other one for later. I had told him to just make it later, only he insists we won’t have time.

Many years ago I prayed for your return. I prayed for you to be here, to hold me and to lead the role that you created in my-life by default.

Today, I turn and ask Crow, ‘Where’s your father?’

     ‘I’m am the father.’ He squints his eyes at me and swallows 1/4 of his waffle. ‘But Crow, I mean, you never speak about your family.’ He sips some water and whispers, ‘I am the sun.’ I smile and reply, ‘you’re right about that, you brighten up my day, every day.’

As I was saying, we’re currently perched side by side on a wooden bench. We’ve been seated for about 3hrs now.  Crow begins to peck at his cold maple syrup-drenched waffle.

     It’s a weird feeling seeing you again after all these years. You’ve aged, you smell like something I’ve never smelt before. You’re silent and you look amazing in crimson.

     I know you would be crying with both eyes, but Crow explained that he had pecked the left one out as you spat on his left-wing. I imagine you would apologise, but Crow pointed out that you threatened that God will strike him down dead!

     Now we wait, sunset will arrive after 2100 only by then, I’ll be at home asleep and alone. Crow promised me that he will shower you with the same energy you gave to your beliefs in God.

At 2103…Unique is at home sleeping peacefully after a nice hot bath. She had drizzled honey and sprinkled sugar over the water. Apparently, this is how you curate sweet dreams.

  Crows final thought: ‘I am the father. I am the sun and I am Crow!’

He urinates on your head and you move your head to the left slightly. His piss burns your visible wounds and you cry. Crow laughs because the people around you can’t hear you. Maggots chewed out their brains and worms wiggled through their souls.

‘Cemeteries are for the dead! Which you will be apart of in precisely 34 minutes.’

 Crow flies up into the light dusky sky and shouts across to the world, ‘I am the Holy Spirit! Happy Fathers Day.’

Bite Me


I sleep and I sleep and my periods of sleep are often deep.

I wiggle and I turn and above my quilt, I look like a giant worm.

I groan and I grunt and I roll but I do not spin.

I flip back my covers and smack my leg, as I swear I’ve been bitten!

Some nights are hot.

Some mornings are cold.

I whirl around inside my mind as reality unfolds.

I jump up and hit the light, scanning the sheets I had jumped off.

I can’t see anything – maybe I’m crazy? Maybe I’m still asleep?

Sometimes I sweat, other times I mumble.

‘Fuck this fucking shit! Fucking old mattress, I hate it!.’

I once stripped the bed and put everything into a hot wash.

I covered my mattress in baking-soda, as the man on YouTube said to do that.

I left it for hours…I vacuumed up most of the grains of white.

I covered my mattress with a full cover – one that seals it in tight.

I dripped mint oil all over, as the woman on YouTube said it works wonders.

I slipped into bed and for a moment, I slept peacefully.


I slapped my calves, jumped out of bed, hit the lights, grabbed the torch and went close with my eyes.

I saw nothing.

Escape into Nothing

‘Hey, where are you going?’

‘To someplace you’re not.’

‘May I join you?’

‘No! As your smell will make me…’


‘Well, you smell like dead fishes.’

‘But don’t people eat dead fishes?’

                ‘I only buy organic!’

‘So you buy live fishes?’

                ‘I buy what looks nice when I visit the supermarket.’

‘Right, a plethora of dead animals on shelves that smell. I understand.’

                ‘Don’t be so rude!’

‘I’m simply stating facts. You buy, fry and eat dead, organic fishes and that is that!’

                ‘Well, at least it’s not the cheap stuff that I bet you buy.’

‘Actually, I was the salmon you eat twenty years ago, now reincarnated into this barbaric life.’

From the Files of Unique: Remember When

Remember when I was a scientist aged 12.

Remember when I became an Artist shortly after.

Remember when My voice was the twin tone of Mariah Carey’s.

Remember when My body was slim and appealing.

Remember when I had friends who I could trust wholeheartedly.

Remember when I used to eat meat.

Remember when I gave up meat.

Remember when I was a Hairdresser and cut my sister’s hair off.

Remember when My heart belonged to a selfish bastard.

Remember when I used to spend hours understanding people.

Remember when I called every Wednesday after work and awarded you two hours or more of deep and meaningful conversation. I used to listen to your nonsense.

Remember when I told you I loved you.

Remember when you hit the spot and pushed for my everything.

Remember when I considered myself to be a psychologist.

Remember when I wrote you a four paged letter and enclosed it with a kiss.

My memories are all that I have left…