At night the brightest star glowed many light-years away.

I saw it, night after night, after night.

Pressing my hands against the large windowpane, watching sky glitter again and again, and again.

My deep brown eyes stare right at a single star.

Knowing in my heart, I’ll always know exactly where you are.

Deep blue space encapsulates life, stars around stars, around stars for the real ones.

I sleep wonderfully each new night.

Under the stars, closing my eyes and resting my mind.

Good night.

The Gift

This book was gifted to me as a surprise, on a day my nerves were sky-high. A day I knew inside this person would uniquely impact my life.

They listened and understood what I liked to thrive.

They heard the song of birds and played with the wind.

We quickly become close and that’s where this piece will end.

Never during our time did I believe we would come to this.

Never could I fully comprehend their ability to promote ignorance and indulge in bliss.

Never have I doubted the power of our universe, I always listen to my heart which sometimes tangles me beside amateurs in the form of a gift or a curse.

I believe I’m destined to go through periods of emotions. Abandon my pathway for something promised? I’ve never entertained that notion.

This gift served as a reminder of that very day, a new heartbeat in my life stopped abruptly and faded away. Returning with an account of how fond they feel about me. Then flying back to land, leaving my thoughts deep within the sea.

I want to say thanks for that moment the gift was placed into my hands.

I want that time to be remembered when my body dies sinking into the sand.

I want the world to know I care, I’ll post this gift on for many to enjoy and share.

Inside my mind lives a sensitive soul, that beats daily to a creative flow. I try to fit into misaligned spaces. I gift smiles to many strangers. At a time I had fallen and needed a friend, our universe sent this person to repair and mend.

I initially discouraged any thought of remaining friends. Only, they pleaded and convinced me that we’ll ride or die till the end! I believed and trusted that maybe some good could come from their request. It gradually went as they failed to invest. It’s accurate to say that as I write this, I’m upset.

Today, I took some actions that will benefit me long term.

I wrote a few words that I’ll revisit and learn.

I took care and paid attention when wrapping up this thoughtful gift.

I sealed it with love and blessed it with one wish.

‘I wish that whenever someone opens this, they feel warm. They feel safe and they trust that no matter how badly something goes wrong. As each new day arrives, they’ll heal inside. Know that eventually, life will improve and be alright.’

This book was gifted to me as a surprise, on a day my nerves were sky-high. A day I knew inside this person would uniquely impact my life.

Thank you, eternally.


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I Forbid

You to pop in and hop out of my life.

You to make sound waves.

Showcase imagery and zap it through to my box.

You to consider what I may be doing at this very moment in time.

You to wish for my return.

You to hope for reconciliation.

I forbid you to visit shared memories – you need my blessing for it to be great!

I forbid you to visit shared memories – you need to find me to feel the power!

I forbid you to visit shared memories – my touch is sacred and you threw my potential into the bin and expected Unique to return and congratulate you.

The Good Die Young

The Good Die Young

Nine Nights have commenced in loving memory of you, Grandad.

From such a young age, you inspired me with your stories of hope for your future, courage with every step and variety as the spice blended throughout your message from within the words.

On the 6th if November 2020 you returned to a star within our universe.

The pain I’m feeling, I can’t seem to translate into legible words. How does one comprehend a gargantuan loss?

The Good Die Young

You triumphed as the better man, in a country where being black is a crime. Especially back then.

I can’t even write in a way that makes any sense, because I can’t believe you’re no longer here with us. I don’t want to believe that.

I close my eyes tightly and warm tears flow continuously down my face. A few escape and jump into the part of my dress that’s resting on my lap.

My vision is constantly blurry and my voice infrequently squeezes out a painful whimper. It’s the ache from my heart that’s the most traumatic, it holds pure love inside for all those I love in my life.

The Good Die Young

You made it to 90!

The Good Die Young

Your love extended beyond the realms of blood and trees. Beyond the stars that glitter throughout the night. Beyond the moon that glows over your final breath in this life.

The Good Die Young

You instilled the best memories into the minds of all who had the blessing of you in their lives.

Thank you, Grandad.

For being the strongest man

For having the biggest heart

For sharing the most joy

For always remaining true to yourself

For being my Grandad!




Q. I don’t know her.
Q. She slid into my DMs last night. Complaining.
Q. My understanding is that she’s now dating a guy I dated.

Q. They’re both insecure. She believes I’m talking to him on a regular.
Q. I’m not sure what triggered her but seeing her picture boosted my self-esteem immensely.
Q. Of course! Haha!
Q. Well, my response was silence, thats the most powerful response one could give. I guessed her mind will cause her more pain and upset than my denial ever could.

Butterfly Series: Grandad

Words can’t describe how heartbroken I am right now.

You will always be a G’ to me!

Fearless, you travelled far and unfazed by turbulence.

Cool, you were the coolest member of our family. My words can’t adjust to life without you.

What could I possibly say?

I’ll continue to write until it’s time for me to go up amongst the stars.

I love you, Grandad!

6th November 2020 – Beyond eternity

The Day Arrived Too Soon

I had suspected it would come around again.

I voiced my thoughts to one or two partial friends.

I listened as he spoke, and I shook my head.

I rolled my eyes and tweeted my thoughts to the nest.

I scrolled and found a few cracked eggs.

At the base was a few rotten chicks, whose song sounded like a curse.

I rested my head upon two pillows, eyes closed with thoughts drifting as warm air comforted my moment.

Nightmare Series: CLOWN

I should’ve never swiped right.

Guess you were dragged up from the dregs of societies gutter. Low down where the super-sized rats roam through the shit you spew from your brittle lips.

‘You’re just a puppet show.

A little boy that often sits alone and cries.’ – Mariah Carey

The catalyst for your disruption was that I woke up.

I saw the bits of matted flea covered fur you left around me. I noticed the putrid smell of your shitty words and the horrific sight of your existence.

Go perform like the clown you know best.

Go play dress up and hide the overplayed mess.

Go mimic better men and tell yourself you’re amazing. Self-affirm some nonsense to take attention away from the fact that you’re less than nothing.

A stain in a basement of an abandoned, derelict house. No one truly cares about you.

‘Who’s gonna love you when it all falls down? Who’s gonna love you when your bankroll runs out? Who’s gonna care when the novelty is over?’ – Mariah Carey

‘Not I,’ said Unique

‘Not I,’ said Unique

‘Not I,’ said Unique

Nightmare Series: Pain


I’m, I’m Unique.

I’m in pain.

Because you stabbed me.

I’m bleeding out.

Remember our first kiss?

I’ve been feeling pain, trying to hold on.

I’m cold.

I tried. Albeit haphazardly.

But when is it right to wanna end my existence?

The only thing I did wrong was choosing you to rest my heart on.

Let it be known that I truly believed that together we would be phenomenal. Only you don’t think you deserve a woman as amazing as me.

At the fall of my last tear, you turn your back and begin to cry.

Regret is your mindset.

Pain Series: Perplexed

My heart going wild within my chest.




Everything is a mess!





There’s no escape.

No escape.


I shudder at the endless variations on the next event. I fear failure and a steel tent over my need to communicate.

I feel faint…I…

_we both know what was said during that conversation. Your title holds little weight with outside communication. I don’t know when I don’t know how but I’ll find you in the future.

I’ll open my eyes and gut your soul, placing an end to our contention.

Pain Series: The Stained Glass Heart

At first glance on a bright sunny day, the colours consume you, in awe, some may say.

Through the core of a black woman, radiating pure love.

Incomparable to the rings around her, due to hatred from eyes self-positioned above.

Push through.

Push forward.

Educate all and any along the way.

Allow the strength of your soul to shine through, your stained glass heart, always.