A Saturday of Significance – 25.09.2021

You came to me and apologised.

I hadn’t expected it but I do appreciate it. I’m happy you did last night – it seems that you’re here to stay.

Sometimes I know I can be impulsive and I run away as fast as I can.

I’m a mini fan of ginger. Walls up, I can always do.

I sometimes imagine you’ll think one thing over the other and I convince myself that is the way.

I think maybe one day, we should spend a weekend together in New York City. Come back and adopt a rescue dog.

You said sorry and I felt it.

Thank you.

We are feeling this space and I feel sprouts, seeds and aubergines. You feel my hands.

What can say?

I’m ready.

Boxed In Boxed Down

You say one thing and do another.

You’re like, ‘ask me anything, we can talk about anything.’

I speak and you act like you’re shocked by my choice of words. Then you go silent for a while – resurfacing as nothing happened and ask, ‘are you okay?’

I mean, we are grown!

Yet, you act as though I have poisoned our conversation and crawl back to base, only to whimper a little.

Why are you so conformed to a false narrative, delivered by our society?

I look at you and think? Right! Okay!

The things you choose to do, allow me to see you under one hundred, hundred-watt lights.

Get some sealant and box yourself in.

Stay down.

Freestyle – 15.08.2021

I express my feelings through my words and narrate the life I aspire to share with you.

I can call you right now, and you’ll answer and calm me with your words.

How do you know what I need?

When did my heart start beating?

I’m here.

I’m right here.


When was this pathway created?

I’m walking.

A Saturday of Significance – 14.08.2021

A Saturday of Significance – 14.08.2021

I understand you better today than I have ever before.

You feel me today, you do and my vibes surround your mind and massage your soul.

I’m here for you.

I’ll always be here for you.

I’ll always be here for you.

I’ll always be here for you.

This week our thoughts collided and merged as one.

I never want us to part ever again.

I have missed you.



Welcome August 2021

Welcome August

I made plans upon plans upon plans in July!

Week by week, I had made plans to write every day and build on a creative piece I’m working on. I decided that July would be the month I churn out 20,000 words of art.

     Unfortunately, I failed with that endeavour and kept running away from the mini-goals I had set out for myself. August is a new month, and rather than aiming to complete a set number of words per day, I’m opting to complete something each day! Meaning it could range between 5 to 5000 words per day. I’ve just got to write and not think about anything else.

As a Creative Writer, I often dwell over the things I’ve yet to achieve, knowing that I can accomplish a lot with a bit of effort.

August 2021

This morning I woke up intending to write 1500 words; needless to say, I drifted to sleep thinking about my life and where I am at the moment. It has been a month of managing my OCD, and that has been difficult to accept at times.

     However, August has arrived, and I know I can achieve some amazing things this month. First, I need to address the elephant in the room and focus on my grammar and punctuation, which I know is diabolical! Shame is a weird element for me to pay attention to, but I can’t keep avoiding it.

I’m aware my creativity is unique, and I’m genuinely blessed to create and develop life within my creative pieces. However, the fact still remains that I could become a better writer with more focus on my weaknesses and less avoidance of the ink-blue elephant.

Here I am, as raw as a piece of meat, knowing a mighty beast will eat me and my bones will remain out in the sun, drying out and eventually forgotten.


A Saturday of Significance – 31.07.2021

I bellowed out sounds of pain and misfortune.

I shot bullets of hatred out to our world, and I denied the powers of our universe.

I split my mind in four and crushed two pieces with a pestle and mortar! What else would stone be good for?

Today you shattered my diamond walls, and I let you back in.

I trust we have reconnected for a positive reason – when I discover what it is, I’ll be sure to let you know.