iRead: Waxy by Camilla Grudova

iRead: Waxy by Camilla Grudova

“The man ordered a whole Golden Syrup Toast from himself and ate it greedily, chewing with his mouth wide open in a grin. I felt ill, and never went back to that café again. It didn’t much matter, the café menus were the same everywhere:




The tinned meat became grey when it was boiled and made the toast all wet; most people just ordered the Golden Syrup Toast with Coffee.” – Waxy (Pg. 43 Grudova, 2017)

As a Writer, we have the super-power to create any world we wish! From the Wizarding World of Hogwarts, right through to cafes all around offering the same menu. I think it’s easy to forget that we are here to create! I inherently know I was born to create, and that’s all I do.

There are no rules to a Writers creation – You are the Creator in your world of Writing.  I want you to remember that. Even if you are only starting today, or you started a while ago, you are in charge of your creative pieces, and I implore you to create whatever you wish, in your own words.

Ted Hughes wrote Iron Man

JK Rowling created Harry Potter

Richard Siken penned You Are Jeff

And I created Exit Sasha

Creative Writing isn’t about writing for the sake of it and hoping it’s incredible. For me, it’s about writing from the heart, while remaining true to my mind. My amazing mind that produces unique pieces!

What super-powers do you possess as a writer? What advice would you share in this day and age?

I appreciate everyone who reads my blog, and I hope that you gain something positive from your visit.