Identify yourselves.

I’m not on “Over-used street” I’m creating my own path. I’m a creator, although I like to admire aspects around me…

Holding my hand out to you…

I want to immerse myself in your mind, adopt new ways of thinking. See visions unheard of.

I’ve broken the expectation. I’m not average.

I’m unique. I’m blessed. I’m in love with life.

Who are you all? How can I dissect your Facebook persona? Help me!

I’m Dominique. I’m black, dark skin at that, I love my tone…I’m in love with the emphasis my skin places upon my life. Who are you all?

I see no gender, no race, no nationality. Define yourself to me? Passport is not a requisite for this request.

My eyes see no religion, faith or spiritual belief.

I see you. Identify yourself.

ID cards! Name, age, DOB. NO. I can’t comprehend the meaning.

Identify yourselves.

I’m Dominique, I’m in love with words.

Who are you? I want to know.

Basics, no thank you. I hear no language.

I’m Dominique, I love to write.

Working eyes see black…so blindfold yourselves…now we all see black. Who are we? I’m number 1 of many. I watch trees grow…slowly.

Everything you own has been eradicated. IDENTIFY YOURSELF!

“I’m alive.”