He told me I was more than enough.

He stomped on my heart.

He cut through and now I’m permanently scarred.

Now I think about it daily and its old news.

He told me that I’m not enough.

It cut so deep I bleed out.

I fell apart.

From my core…I didn’t know before.

Feelings could be so powerful.

Devil in the form of a bull.

You said this, ‘Unique, I want you in my life forever! I know no one like you.’

He trampled across my wrists, his hooves fragmenting my bones.

He squeezed my throat; I lost my voice. He once told me my voice was beautiful.

He lied to my eyes – most of the texts he composed were made up happenings.

Surprised when he caught me off guard.

I’m now covered in scars and I can’t hide them.

He told me I’m more than enough before he crushed my ankles with the weight of his disrespect.

He fooled me twice and it’s all my fault.

I let a wild bull storm into my life and intoxicate me.

I was more than enough.

He was my homie I thought.

He was my love I thought.

He was my everything I thought.

His horns pierced into my eyes, gauging out the only good vision I had left of him.

Devil in the form of a bull.