EXCLUSIVE: Malefic Mondays – He said, ‘Okay, I’m Vegan.’ 19.04.2021

He bought three beans from Tesco and thought he was doing the world a favour.

He kept on saying how he’s a baby vegan.

He made an Instagram account, posting daily about his vegan life.

His popularity grew beyond his expectations. Big brands paid him to promote their Vegan products; food, beauty, clothing and surely the ethos of leading a plant-based life.

The irony was each night after he streamed his delicious vegan meals. He would visit his cupboard that was home to another fridge/freezer – jam-packed with food he deemed DELICIOUS.

Remember, he’s paid to promote vegan. All ‘things’ vegan.

Viewers to his social media platforms were in awe of how perfect his vegan journey was progressing.

What no one knew is that he used dark magic to give the viewers the perfect scene. A feast for their green eyes – vegan here, vegan there, vegan lifestyle everywhere.

The fuck he cared about any of that:

This vegan ate kangaroo, monkey, duck and rat.

He grilled crocodile and swore to himself it tasted like chicken. He deep-fried squid and shared a plate with his girlfriend Miriam.

He ate steak by the lb fried and covered with peppered sauce. He gave zero fucks about the world and his lifestyle contained no hints of remorse.

He cashed his cheques from the world online.

He ordered shark fin and snapped the shot.

That night he posted up a lentil curry and hashtagged the life out of vegan #Vegan.

At night, you know the moment before he rested up in his bed, sized for a King. He smiled at the thousands of people who showered him with attention throughout the day.

He smiled because social-media deception is as easy as abracadabra.

Salty Saturdays: The Mom

The mom called her daughter a bitch.

She spat on her and accused her of sleeping with her best friend and another.

The mom punched her daughter multiple times in the head. She stuffed her mouth with cotton and wished her dead.

The mom choked her daughter and labelled her ugly. She felt that being dark was ugly. If you ain’t light then you ain’t right! Right?

The mom showered her daughter with negative thoughts. She always told her that she is nothing and will always be nothing.

The mom left marks on her daughter. Other moms agreed with the parts she shared with them. They spoke louder so the daughter could hear how disappointed they were with how she ‘treated,’ her mother.

The mom played the victim when confronted with facts.

The mom made sobbing noises on the phone to her friends. But her eyes remained tearless.

The mom blamed the daughter for everything bad in her life.

The daughter prayed and prayed and prayed.

Her eyes are so puffy from all the crying.

The mom lied and cried and lied some more. Her stories spread like a virus.

Thank You 2020!

Thank You 2020!


Around this time last year, I vowed to post a creative piece each day. I’m happy to state that I achieved that goal, surpassed it even!

I’ve created and shared 644 creative pieces with you. Ranging from love and appreciation to nightmares and the depths of hell. I’ve enjoyed the embrace of the world of fellow Creative Writers and I implore you all to continue to write and share your pieces.

Before time transitions into 2021, I wanted to take a moment to thank you. Each one of my followers, subscribers, random viewers and surely friends of our universe.

I’m forever thankful.


This year has been quite challenging for me on a gargantuan scale. I started 2020 with rotten remnants of 2019 clawing away at my ankles. I tried burning the pale arms but they clung on for dear life.

June arrived and I found glimmers of hope within my heartbeats. The magical vibe I emit began to warm up once again.

Today, 31st December 2020 I can confidently say, ‘I have levelled up!’ the fuck I’m waiting to exhale in this life. I grabbed a machete and sliced the claws off my smooth ankles. (I did that in November.)  I feel I must add that while 2019 was a diabolical year, I had to wade through that bullshit to become a better woman today.

I’ll forever be thankful that our universe is plentiful.

That the crows, crow around me.

That my words inspire, anger and delight.

That my heartbeats, although temporary create powerful feelings.

That I exist in this life, in our universe, on this page.


I’ll be sharing creative pieces at least once a week, preferably on a Monday! The reason for this is because I hope to develop more in-depth posts, some of which aim to help fellow Creative Writers.

I’m the not the highest grade of weed in the dispensary.’ – Charlemagne Tha God. But I’ll be dammed if I allow my weaknesses within my writing to hold me back. – Dame Unique

I know the world is ‘going through it,’ literally! I wish you all a Creative New Year!

Dame Unique & Crow