Creative Writing: Character Creation (MINI) PDF

Welcome to July 1st, 2021!

What a rippling year it has been so far for many Creative Writers around the world.

During the past 18 months (life in lockdown,) I’ve corresponded with fantastic Creative Writers and Creators within the industry for the arts.

Networking has been one of my positives to come out of these unprecedented times. Throughout a plethora of conversations, the topic swayed to characters and how to create them. As some of you may already know, I specialise in writing short fiction, my ultimate form of narrative – the characters I have created and enhanced are believable and captivating. Even the deceitful characters are loved by an audience that appreciates written pieces of art.

Following excellent feedback from my fellow Creative Writers, I have made a MINI guide for anyone that needs it.

I hope you enjoy this FREE PDF, and it helps you develop the art of creating characters.

Remember that help is always available from DAMEUNIQUE.blog for anyone that needs it.’ Unique

Please note: This version of Character Creation PDF is the MINI version that is available as a FREE download. This guide is to be used as a tool to help Creative Writers create characters.

***I should add that a PRO version of this document will be published at a later date.***

As this is the first document of this kind that I have shared with my fellow Creative Writers, I would appreciate any feedback that you may have. (Please use the comments below, or get in touch via e-mail.)

A Saturday of Significance – 12.06.2021

In the early hours of this morning, I called out to my love, and he answered.

I shouted, ‘I love you,’ he replied, ‘I love you, too.’

I remember feeling a little uneasy, but that never stopped me from expressing my love. Finally, he left out for work, and I turned my back on the window and cried.

Never before had I felt anything resembling love. Not until that moment, that is.

An excellent sentence to use and to hashtag, the sentiment of true love pulls everyone inside, and the caution of love has the love-less peering in through the open windows.

When I first heard those precious words whispered into my soul, I bore a beautiful baby.

I felt like I had to show my love, so I created love with the one who loves me the most.

Today I received a text from my love, reminding me I am loved, and love continues to flourish, even throughout the weeds of life.

EXCLUSIVE: Malefic Mondays – He said, ‘Okay, I’m Vegan.’ 19.04.2021

He bought three beans from Tesco and thought he was doing the world a favour.

He kept on saying how he’s a baby vegan.

He made an Instagram account, posting daily about his vegan life.

His popularity grew beyond his expectations. Big brands paid him to promote their Vegan products; food, beauty, clothing and surely the ethos of leading a plant-based life.

The irony was each night after he streamed his delicious vegan meals. He would visit his cupboard that was home to another fridge/freezer – jam-packed with food he deemed DELICIOUS.

Remember, he’s paid to promote vegan. All ‘things’ vegan.

Viewers to his social media platforms were in awe of how perfect his vegan journey was progressing.

What no one knew is that he used dark magic to give the viewers the perfect scene. A feast for their green eyes – vegan here, vegan there, vegan lifestyle everywhere.

The fuck he cared about any of that:

This vegan ate kangaroo, monkey, duck and rat.

He grilled crocodile and swore to himself it tasted like chicken. He deep-fried squid and shared a plate with his girlfriend Miriam.

He ate steak by the lb fried and covered with peppered sauce. He gave zero fucks about the world and his lifestyle contained no hints of remorse.

He cashed his cheques from the world online.

He ordered shark fin and snapped the shot.

That night he posted up a lentil curry and hashtagged the life out of vegan #Vegan.

At night, you know the moment before he rested up in his bed, sized for a King. He smiled at the thousands of people who showered him with attention throughout the day.

He smiled because social-media deception is as easy as abracadabra.


That was the first feeling I felt after reading this man made a video apologising for sextin’ underaged boys.

I’m still wondering why his channel is still active? Why people are still following him?

Why he hasn’t been quote on quote ‘cancelled?’

Why he hasn’t been arrested?

Why he hasn’t been charged?

Why he hasn’t been punished for his crimes against young boys?

Why he hasn’t received custodial sentencing?

It’s like if you’re popular and your poppin’ you’re more likely than not, to have your criminal behaviour exonerated from the pop culture before authority does anything if anything.







That apology was dead upon exiting that mans mouth.