Unique’s Song

Unique’s Song

Unique & Crow, like to sing, every day, in fact.

Unique thinks she sounds like Mariah Carey, Crow thinks she sounds like trash.


‘Red, yellow, green.’

‘Blood, bananas, broccoli.’

‘Green, purple, black.’

‘Puss, bruises, rats.’

‘Black, pink, white.’

‘Scabs, flesh, die!’

‘White, blue, orange.’

‘Coffin, eyes, LUNCH!’

Crow flew on the bronze fruit-bowl and devoured two oranges.

The Cloud


The Cloud

Up in the cloud I rest, I’m an angel.

Watching you hypocrites is awfully painful.

Smiles upfront, but behind you could prove fatal!

I don’t need to be near you to know you’re ungrateful.

Those secret conversations about me are distasteful.

My shield, Crow, will forever be faithful.

He will gut you like the thing you are.

10/10 I’ll award his appraisal



Peace has finally arrived.

No more will I hear your customised chime.

No longer will I see your name showcased in my notifications.

For too long, I have entertained you, stroking your ego with lies.

Pretending I care just to extend my presence.

Peace has finally been received.

I removed you from my life, thus eradicating you from my purpose.

Crow will ensure you never contact me again.

Unless you wish to lose all your fingernails.

Mrs Pepperdew

📸: Pixabay

Mrs Pepperdew peppered you with spice.

Mrs Pepperdew peppered you how nice?

Mrs Pepperdew flummoxed you each time.

Mrs Pepperdew connected you through rhyme.

Mrs Pepperdew sang to you, with aromatic spices.

Mrs Pepperdew convinced you that you could sing. But Mrs Pepperdew mocked you, as crow swooped in, ripped your tongue out and tossed it into the fire.

It snapped, it crackled, it fizzed, and it banged.

Mrs Pepperdew sang and she sang, and she sang!