A Saturday of Significance – 25.09.2021

You came to me and apologised.

I hadn’t expected it but I do appreciate it. I’m happy you did last night – it seems that you’re here to stay.

Sometimes I know I can be impulsive and I run away as fast as I can.

I’m a mini fan of ginger. Walls up, I can always do.

I sometimes imagine you’ll think one thing over the other and I convince myself that is the way.

I think maybe one day, we should spend a weekend together in New York City. Come back and adopt a rescue dog.

You said sorry and I felt it.

Thank you.

We are feeling this space and I feel sprouts, seeds and aubergines. You feel my hands.

What can say?

I’m ready.

Dear Love

Dear Love,

I love you.

But I love the world around us even more.

I love our sky.

I love our sea.

I love the air we breathe.

I love the swans paddling by on a warm summers day.

I love the peace of mind when drama and pain fade away.

I love your eyes.

I love your mind.

I love your brain in its entirety.

I love your soul.

I love your heart.

Every heartbeat counts, no authority.

I love the way your smile beams through to my vision.

I love your warmth, including extra love only emissions.

I love your kisses.

I love your touch.

I love our love when love is never too much.



Everything is Rosy

I’ve never met a man like you before.

You challenge me.

I’m excited.

I’m gushing through my white lace panties.

Currently, I’m dating an amazing man.

We have great sex and commitment.

He’s consistent.

Shout out to our future darling.

Everything is rosy.

I Know

I know how to count, so I’m counting.

Addition, subtraction no reaction.


I know how to read so I’m reading, the messages you don’t send so I’m guessing.

I know how to think so I’m assuming, no contact in forms is just ruining.


In comparison to us at the beginning, we’re nothing right now you’re just sinning

Our beginning was flourish with no blots. Now I’m connecting all dots, you’ve just stopped!


Ruining connections, you keep stepping, over my thoughts expressing passive aggression.

Online many times just seeking, I see the signs many times I’ve been peeping.

It’s been a while, so you dial because you creeping.

Bitch claims to be stalled, so you call, shit is seeping.


I know how to connect, so I’ve disconnected. Those callbacks you speak of keep requesting.

My investment can’t invest, so I’m missing. Staring out my rearview is a blessing.

Like Amy I’m Gone Girl, I’m transparent. Everything on the peripheral is apparent.

I wondered if I’m at fault, I’m impatient. But your actions I speak of, I’m just saying. You could do better, but you’re playing.

Emotional intelligence is a blessing, I know this emotion, I’ve faded.