I Blocked the Bitch!

I blocked the bitch.

I blocked the bitch.

I stopped the bitch.

I locked off the bitch.

I dropped the bitch.

Cut off the bitch.

Read the bitch and shocked the bitch.

Keep your one sided activities, ignorant mindset and lack of complete narrative. I don’t need any of it.

The understanding that you are who you are: means that I’ll always grow being true to myself.

Pain Series: Perplexed

My heart going wild within my chest.




Everything is a mess!





There’s no escape.

No escape.


I shudder at the endless variations on the next event. I fear failure and a steel tent over my need to communicate.

I feel faint…I…

_we both know what was said during that conversation. Your title holds little weight with outside communication. I don’t know when I don’t know how but I’ll find you in the future.

I’ll open my eyes and gut your soul, placing an end to our contention.

The Pain Series by Dame Unique

Welcome to mid-October!

Over several days I’ll be sharing creative pieces from The Pain Series.

After preparing a post for World Mental Health Day and abandoning it, then preparing a new one. I thought about the times I’ve felt pain in my life and how I’ve dealt with that emotion.

During my time reflecting this weekend, I felt inspired to produce a mini-series on pain. It’s an emotion in life that we are all destined to experience. I can’t tell you how many times, as it will differ for each of us. However, I felt compelled to put PAIN into words and creatively articulate this emotion.

No one in our entire universe is absolved from pain. It forms a vital part of our lives and shapes our behaviour from that moment forward.

To me, pain is painful and sometimes that pain becomes a burden that overstays, long after its point has been made. Some moments in my life came unexpected and it’s true, I’ve cried a hundred times over, to no avail.

This October, I share the pain born from life itself.

Dame Unique


📸: Pixabay

No arguments.

No additional information.

No reminders.

No pleas!

No statements.

No subliminal memes on my status updates.

No cryptic tweets.

No hashtag.

No handwritten letters.

No obvious notion.

No phone call.

No smokescreen.

No emails.

No screenshots.

No reminiscing.

No dreams about cutting you up into tiny pieces, seasoning you with a pinch of salt and a cup of pepper and feeding you to a murder of CROWS.

*I simply blocked and deleted your connections to me.


Pain is when you feel the pinch deep within your soul.

Pain is numb when love dies, and your life is abandoned in the cold.

Pain is walking away from words spoken but never told.

Pain is dramatic and intense when it first hits.

Pain is beautiful and hated ever since.

Pain is my life when friends turn to foes.

Pain is the lies trusted humans once sold.

Pain is barbaric, catastrophic and cosmic.

Pain is temporary, explosive and static.

Pain pierced deep within my blue heart.

Pain is my period; middle, end and start.

Pain is peace when silence brings you down.

Pain is Queen Unique, sporting a blue pen in her crown.