I didn’t Know

I didn’t know about you prior to you being you and noticing me.

I hadn’t heard of you before you spoke directly to me.

I had never seen you before.

I didn’t know you were an undercover dickhead.

I hadn’t foreseen your consistent dramas and nonsensical way of life, prior to that day.

I didn’t know you’re just a glorified mouthpiece.

I can’t imagine you becoming anything more than you are currently – that is nothing.

Mason Knows

He saw who lit a match between their beak while standing near your soundproof walls.

I sort of spoke. But then wondered why? You wouldn’t have heard me anyway.

I remember someone saying, ‘the night is young.’

We all remember it lasted for days.


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I expect what I expect, and I want what I want, I demand what I feel like at the time I state it. Only, it’s not mine to ask for. The image I see before me looks appetising, everyone is beautiful, and the materials that cover them, with the objects that surround that are luxurious.

*I click LIKE!

I love that you post up and show up.

*A few more LIKES!

Oh! How delightful you are, I just adore your outfits and the setting.






I message you, I call, I email, I write, I want to see you. It’s rude as fuck when you are too busy for me. I know, I know, I’m asking a lot from you. But you know, there’s an old saying, ‘if you don’t ask, you don’t get.’ So I ask, and I ask and well, I haven’t gotten anything.

I mean, do people now die from replies?

Were you injured from texting?

I’m kidding, come on, I mean it’s not as if you would do that on purpose now. KMT


Yes! I heard that’s what my behaviour can be described as, but I’m not envious. Why would I be? I don’t even care about whatever I asked you about three days ago. I mean, that was three days ago, it’s forgotten.

It was only something about where did you purchase your dress from? But, I forgot about that come nightfall. I found something better online.

I found this er, this dress from? Oh, sugar! I can’t remember which site exactly, I had a bit of a splurge that night, I’m positive it was Wednesday night! I must have spent like? A lot!

I even bought those earrings, you know the ones you’re wearing in the pic you posted up onto Insta. I think you posted it that morning, beautiful earrings and yes! That’s why I called you a few times.


Why on earth would anyone describe me as evil? What have I done exactly? I know I had to send your correspondence to voicemail, but I was so busy. I had family over from Canada, and well, you know what happens when family from overseas visit, it’s like they each need a minder!

Honestly, hun, I wasn’t ignoring you.

I would never do that. I was just busy, you know with work and family, and I felt sick, I had a cough.

I didn’t complain when you were the same, a mere two weeks ago! Not that anyone is counting dates or anything.


I’m unbothered.

You’re paranoid. Do you really think I could be so? Childish? I mean, I don’t even recall half the things you’re complaining about. But that’s okay, I know you’re going through it, so I’m going to just leave you to it.

Whatever you think it is, it really isn’t that deep.

I mean, you say it like I’m jealous or something.

Secrets are Secret

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Have you ever felt so strong that if you were shot, you could take it?

Like right here, right now.


Through the centre of my heart, a bullet made from diamond pieced through.

My love for you poured out, crimson in colour, the temperature was the body.

Are you comfortable enough?

My heart is now faulty.

Pain, what pain? I’m too shocked to notice.

Eyes closed I hear your voice, ‘Unique, stay with me, baby.’

Like a baby, I lay helpless.

But I love this shade of red, it suits me.

You always looked impeccable in a suit darling, always.

I feel the warmth of your whisky infused breath, upon my eyebrows.

‘You can’t leave me Unique, we have a whole future together!’

I wonder if you noticed the expiry date when we joined up?

Thinking ‘forever’ never means the definition.

I found that out twenty seconds ago.

Have you ever felt so powerful, that if you were shot at, they would miss?


(Pop, pop, Pop)

A bullet scrapes by the side of my neck. But you’re alright darling, that’s all that matters.

‘Unique, I love you with all my heart.’

My heart bleeds out, air drifts away from me.

I can’t feel your breathing anymore, I struggle to open my eyes.

I know I’m dying.


‘Unique, I’m sorry baby. You know I love you, I do.’

Rah-ta-ta-tah, Rah-ta-ta-tah!

(Pop, pop, pop)

Every time you come around.

I take a few steps back, you make ten strides forward.

I tell you no.

You answer for me.

I lay motionless with a 5cm hole through my heart.

The beats are fading out.

Every time.

You return like the predicted coming of Jesus.

Only you’re here, right now.


My brown eyes open the moment the bullet cuts into the skin between my eyebrows.


My sun, my moon, my peace.

Everything I did was for you.

My moon, my sun, I sleep.

Everything you did was for you.

Never again will I see, never again will I feel.

Once loved, twice shot.

Twice shot, lovers plot.


Lovers plot? What’s the essence?

To kill for love, to kill equates to no sense.

No senses are working, I’m sorry.

Time of death.

‘I’m sorry, Unique! Please don’t die. I don’t know what came over me. I never wanted you to leave me. I’m sorry.’

He cradles my body and his tears and hysterics shower me with wasted energy.

‘I, I only wanted you to be mine. I wanted you to love me, just like I love you. Look, I wanted us to get married.’

He picks up the diamond ring from the side of my thigh and pushes it onto my ring finger.

He presses his lips upon mine and somehow ignores the blood that covering my Ruby Woo.

‘I panicked. Please, GOD! Please don’t let her die.’

His phone beeps.

He sends a reply.

He looks at pictures of us taken yesterday.

Plays the video

‘I wish we could spend the rest of our lives together, just us.’

‘I do too, baby girl.’

He phones the police.

Secrets are Secret