Salty Saturdays: Reception – 06.02.2021

Reception – 06.02.2021

The reception was about as weak as waiting in the rain at London Victoria coach station.

I thought receptions were about a celebration of some kind, whether that be life, death or like earlier, love? Maybe, I’m not smart enough to comprehend the meaning behind them.

On the menu was a traditional Sunday roast: Chicken, potatoes, carrots and gravy. Only, what we were served was dried out chicken breasts, rock hard potatoes, cold carrots and watered down gravy.

My cold plate was washed out with cold hard objects, they labelled fine dining.

I was seated at a table with a pursed lipped smoker and her ashy fingers. Fingers that kept accidentally brushing my exposed skin and a wrinkled mouth that said, ‘forgive me, love. Your skin is so soft, I use the finest lotions on my own skin, see!’ then reaching out and grasping my hand. I lose count at the third attempt.

Now, I love apple crumble and custard but the crumble was more like a chunky apple sauce, with a crumble dusting. Topped off with cheap, lumpy, piping hot, sugary custard. My stomach was growling and the drinks were tasteless.

The reception was a damp attempt to please the masses.

That Kind of Thought Process

Imagine being hated because your skin colour is beautiful.

The malleable minds of the ignorant launder their uneducated thought processes into the world and believe their demented tales.

They lie, each day.

The energy you place into hatred is sad. I once read an article about the number of hours we spend at work throughout our entire life. They spend more time hating black people.

Your legacy will be as follows:

Born innocent and full of joy and curiosity.

Sadly, taught hatred and spent [insert number of years] antagonising and murdering black people.

The build-up of nonsensical resentment meant that the entire world missed out on progressing.

Unfortunately, in death, they won’t find peace.

We all have a purpose here in our universe and I can tell you with absolute certainty, that our purpose in life is to grow together!

What you do to others will come back to a connection in your life ten-fold. You could spend a lifetime taunting non-whites and lose your wife to cancer. The pain you feel then is nothing compared to the families of all those innocent lives you ruined and ended.

I hope you change your ways and help to heal the world.  


I hate em’ I hate em’ all.

I’m not your Therapist.

I’m not your mole.

I hate the fact that you drag on my fuckin’ tits!

Fuck off.

Leave me the fuck alone.

I love your hairy belly, but I fuckin’ hate you.

I want you out of my head.

Out of my phone!

My life.

Think twice; think twice.