If you’ve not seen my WhatsApp story updates.

If you can’t see my Instagram.

If you can’t hear my tweets.

If you never receive a card this Christmas.

If your emails file straight to junk.

If your shared media has deleted and expired 30 days after deletion.

If your letters remain unopened or worse, unopened and returned.

If you try to call and can’t ever get through.

We’re not.

We’ll never be.

I’ll never seek.

I’ll never speak.

I’ll never hear.

We’ll never share a friendship again.



It was today I realised some actions have no value.

I’m dishonest.

Big Squares can’t fit into small circles, but small circles can fit into big squares.

Then I remembered I do not believe anyway!

If and when trauma hits, I would’ve died 33 minutes prior to its arrival.


That pink heart has literally floated away.