A whore secured a bag with their front.

A bag weighed less.

An ex-partner secured a bag with their front.

A bag weighed less.

An employee secured a bag with their front.

A bag weighed less.

A fellow on the level secured a bag with their front.

A bag weighed less.

A woman was once drowned and was forgotten by the owner of the bag.

A bag weighed the same.

A woman who had drowned once cried over the words that were spoken to her in a lie.

Her bag was non-existent and her heart too delicate to comfort.

A woman stood up and tentatively walked towards safety. Her wet clothes clung fiercely and her mind withdrew for a few days.

A woman woke up and secured her mind.

A woman inhaled and secured her breath.

A woman felt stronger and secured her heart.

A woman remembered who she is and secured her love.

A woman walked with grace and each step attracted growth.

A woman walked and walked until her beating heart transformed and set her soul free.

The Gift

This book was gifted to me as a surprise, on a day my nerves were sky-high. A day I knew inside this person would uniquely impact my life.

They listened and understood what I liked to thrive.

They heard the song of birds and played with the wind.

We quickly become close and that’s where this piece will end.

Never during our time did I believe we would come to this.

Never could I fully comprehend their ability to promote ignorance and indulge in bliss.

Never have I doubted the power of our universe, I always listen to my heart which sometimes tangles me beside amateurs in the form of a gift or a curse.

I believe I’m destined to go through periods of emotions. Abandon my pathway for something promised? I’ve never entertained that notion.

This gift served as a reminder of that very day, a new heartbeat in my life stopped abruptly and faded away. Returning with an account of how fond they feel about me. Then flying back to land, leaving my thoughts deep within the sea.

I want to say thanks for that moment the gift was placed into my hands.

I want that time to be remembered when my body dies sinking into the sand.

I want the world to know I care, I’ll post this gift on for many to enjoy and share.

Inside my mind lives a sensitive soul, that beats daily to a creative flow. I try to fit into misaligned spaces. I gift smiles to many strangers. At a time I had fallen and needed a friend, our universe sent this person to repair and mend.

I initially discouraged any thought of remaining friends. Only, they pleaded and convinced me that we’ll ride or die till the end! I believed and trusted that maybe some good could come from their request. It gradually went as they failed to invest. It’s accurate to say that as I write this, I’m upset.

Today, I took some actions that will benefit me long term.

I wrote a few words that I’ll revisit and learn.

I took care and paid attention when wrapping up this thoughtful gift.

I sealed it with love and blessed it with one wish.

‘I wish that whenever someone opens this, they feel warm. They feel safe and they trust that no matter how badly something goes wrong. As each new day arrives, they’ll heal inside. Know that eventually, life will improve and be alright.’

This book was gifted to me as a surprise, on a day my nerves were sky-high. A day I knew inside this person would uniquely impact my life.

Thank you, eternally.


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Simon said he’s single.

Simon said he’s in a dilemma.

Simon said he’ll always be here for me.

Simon said I’ve caused him a great deal of anxiety.

Simon said I’m similar and we have so much in common.

Simon said throw yourself off a cliff Unique!

Unique said nothing.

Unique asked Crow about his technique for keeping his feathers preened so well?

Unique cut out a tiny fragment from her heart and tossed it outside.

Sewer rats came out after 0100 that night and ate her nano-sized love, with one delightful bite.


Q. I don’t know her.
Q. She slid into my DMs last night. Complaining.
Q. My understanding is that she’s now dating a guy I dated.

Q. They’re both insecure. She believes I’m talking to him on a regular.
Q. I’m not sure what triggered her but seeing her picture boosted my self-esteem immensely.
Q. Of course! Haha!
Q. Well, my response was silence, thats the most powerful response one could give. I guessed her mind will cause her more pain and upset than my denial ever could.

The Butterfly Series by Dame Unique

Welcome to The Butterfly Series!

A collection of creative pieces about transformation and mental growth. With this collection, I share with my readers moments of change that has occurred both within and around my life.

Some pieces derive directly from my heart, whereas other pieces flow out of my mind at a pace I have no control over.

I’m truly thankful for everyone that has assisted with the rise of my inner phoenix. I agree, 2020 has been a challenging year for all the inhabitants of this earth. However, life is about growing, understanding and expressing your soul.

This collection is for all the stars that glow in the night sky.

Thank you for reading!

Love Unique