EXCLUSIVE: Malefic Mondays – He said, ‘Okay, I’m Vegan.’ 19.04.2021

He bought three beans from Tesco and thought he was doing the world a favour.

He kept on saying how he’s a baby vegan.

He made an Instagram account, posting daily about his vegan life.

His popularity grew beyond his expectations. Big brands paid him to promote their Vegan products; food, beauty, clothing and surely the ethos of leading a plant-based life.

The irony was each night after he streamed his delicious vegan meals. He would visit his cupboard that was home to another fridge/freezer – jam-packed with food he deemed DELICIOUS.

Remember, he’s paid to promote vegan. All ‘things’ vegan.

Viewers to his social media platforms were in awe of how perfect his vegan journey was progressing.

What no one knew is that he used dark magic to give the viewers the perfect scene. A feast for their green eyes – vegan here, vegan there, vegan lifestyle everywhere.

The fuck he cared about any of that:

This vegan ate kangaroo, monkey, duck and rat.

He grilled crocodile and swore to himself it tasted like chicken. He deep-fried squid and shared a plate with his girlfriend Miriam.

He ate steak by the lb fried and covered with peppered sauce. He gave zero fucks about the world and his lifestyle contained no hints of remorse.

He cashed his cheques from the world online.

He ordered shark fin and snapped the shot.

That night he posted up a lentil curry and hashtagged the life out of vegan #Vegan.

At night, you know the moment before he rested up in his bed, sized for a King. He smiled at the thousands of people who showered him with attention throughout the day.

He smiled because social-media deception is as easy as abracadabra.

EXCLUSIVE: Malefic Mondays – Everything

Our love began back when the days were long, and hate was short-lived.
My kisses gave you life.
You were dying from being broken down, by a dazzling fraudster. Bitch bred and fled with many bricks.
My kisses opened your mind to my amazing inoculations.
You suck on my lips like you know where to find my sweet elixir. I giggle, I’m ticklish.
I’m cheesy as fuck, but I’m everything.

I’m our sky.
I’m our clouds.
I’m our rain.
I am an abundant quantity of oxygen.

You inhale my presence deeply.
I’m toxic.
I’m ugly.
I’m detrimental.
I’m viral.
I hold a plethora of bad omens.

You exhale love, each special moment.

At the 96th hour, I let go.
You cry as warmth increases to a high wave of heat.

Sorry, not sorry.
I have no time for your ignorance.
I have no patience for your questions.
Babe, you’re a damn good kisser.
But I can’t muster the energy to understand your deceit.
Talkin’ bout, you want more and more from my half of this partnership. But you gave me unread messages, ignored phone calls and divided time, love and appreciation.

Your heart is beating faster and faster, beating your insides and showing your nonsense out.

I can hear the angels calling you.
Only, the deal I made with Lucifer, meant that as your heart pounds you to death, your soul will be absorbed by nothing and no one.
It’ll flow around our world aimlessly and unseen.

I have no sympathy for you personally.

I am everything and everything is Unique.