What I Want

What I want?

I want you to sweeten my days.

I miss what we once shared and had wished profusely that it never went away.

Our visit to that café was an experience I must say.

One that warms my soul on a cold summer’s day.

Over time I’ve wanted to reach out and say, ‘hey!’ But situations occurred and life swept me away.

What I want?

Is to kiss you, forever and forevermore.

I often dream you’ll arrive after midnight, with 3 taps lightly on my door.

Frequencies wrapped me up and tore away unfaithful thoughts. My mind calls them back and my heart always applauds.

I sometimes feel like a fraudulent existing life form, because if I’m honest and if our universe permits, I would freeze us in the eye of a love-storm…What I want?

What I want? Is to never miss you, because you’ll be here within my reach.

I want to hear your voice up close; I miss those long nights – just you and I.

Each second spent with you was both a curse and a blessing. And if I’m honest with all involved, I’ve understood a painful lesson.

What I want?

I want to feel your arms hold me tight, I want to kiss you goodnight and I want to hear you whisper, ‘everything’s going to be alright!’

I never imagined we’ll fall out and have silent fights. Ones where I feel, and I type and I write what’s black and what’s white. Feelings bite through my wrists like I might stop and…

What I want? Is to understand you. I don’t know you. I’ve never met you.

I want to like you.

I want to write with you.

I want to stand height to height with you.

I want to cite life with you.

I want to make delights with you.

I want to spend the night with you.

Who are you exactly? Where on earth did, we meet? How did you find me again? Why did you return?

What I want?

I want to set the world on fire and soar through the night sky.

I want to return to our universe, to be that sapphire blue star and die.