Nightmare Series: Pain


I’m, I’m Unique.

I’m in pain.

Because you stabbed me.

I’m bleeding out.

Remember our first kiss?

I’ve been feeling pain, trying to hold on.

I’m cold.

I tried. Albeit haphazardly.

But when is it right to wanna end my existence?

The only thing I did wrong was choosing you to rest my heart on.

Let it be known that I truly believed that together we would be phenomenal. Only you don’t think you deserve a woman as amazing as me.

At the fall of my last tear, you turn your back and begin to cry.

Regret is your mindset.

The Nightmare Series by Dame Unique

Welcome to the Nightmare Series by Dame Unique. An original collection conceived from the dark areas of our worst fears.

This series will explore those nightmares that have made you jump out of bed, from a deep sleep. Cause you to cry during your time of rest and peace.

Do not read if you fear loss!

Do not read if you seek calm!

Do not read if you hope to feel good about yourself afterwards!

I am a figment of someone else’s imagination.

I am the mean-spirited thought process that stunts any required conclusion.

I typically don’t care for your soul, only your mind.

Your mind is your most valuable, most palpable asset.

Even the thinnest slice is worth a great fortune.

Do not oversleep!

Written with love by Dame Unique

The Glass Lift

We stepped into a corner of an envelope. It was glass and went to the top.

I felt afraid because this contraption was familiar but never seen like this.

4 segments with a square shaft, going up and zooming down, all made of transparent glass.

I stepped in after you and we shot up. I feared for our lives.

I stretched my arms out as if my fingers would keep me in place.

At times I thought the glass would shatter and we would fall from the sky, painfully flaying limb by limb as we both fade away and die.