I Forbid

You to pop in and hop out of my life.

You to make sound waves.

Showcase imagery and zap it through to my box.

You to consider what I may be doing at this very moment in time.

You to wish for my return.

You to hope for reconciliation.

I forbid you to visit shared memories – you need my blessing for it to be great!

I forbid you to visit shared memories – you need to find me to feel the power!

I forbid you to visit shared memories – my touch is sacred and you threw my potential into the bin and expected Unique to return and congratulate you.

Escape into Nothing

‘Hey, where are you going?’

‘To someplace you’re not.’

‘May I join you?’

‘No! As your smell will make me…’


‘Well, you smell like dead fishes.’

‘But don’t people eat dead fishes?’

                ‘I only buy organic!’

‘So you buy live fishes?’

                ‘I buy what looks nice when I visit the supermarket.’

‘Right, a plethora of dead animals on shelves that smell. I understand.’

                ‘Don’t be so rude!’

‘I’m simply stating facts. You buy, fry and eat dead, organic fishes and that is that!’

                ‘Well, at least it’s not the cheap stuff that I bet you buy.’

‘Actually, I was the salmon you eat twenty years ago, now reincarnated into this barbaric life.’