‘Commonly used to fill in gaps. Like cracks in walls or gaps made by rats’ – Knowledge Centre

I’m not here to fill in the parts your partner lacks.

You chose that.

You chose that over Unique.

I was disappointed at the time, fast forward I’m now fine.

Above the line is what you’ll see. Below my waist you’ll never kiss.

I don’t exist to prop you up on what ‘your partner lacks.’

Face facts!

You mask the crap that smothers your back. Like the previous one – you allow pathways up your spine and holes in your heart.

I can’t fill either of those aspects.

I’m not a ‘partner-alternative’ when you feel lonely, upset, hurt or in pain.

You insert mind-games.

I’m not defined by my name.

I’m not defined by your one-dimensional perception of my purpose.

I won’t lie down for you to cover up my glow with nonsense.


A great tool for things with gaps, carved out by rats.


When did I share what I wanted with you?

What way did you care?

Why did you lie to yourself?

How do I know your motive so well?

Who did you think you were back then?


The mixture dries up.

The crumbs fall.

The vacuum sucks it up.

The bag of dust is discarded.

The new look is better. (Ish.)

4th January 2017 – Spirits/Ghosts

This morning I woke up to face a ghost at the foot of my bed. She was staring at me with such interest and appeared to be intrigued by me. She was small and I say she because she appeared to be wearing a dress and a headband…not that those items make much of a difference in the age. Her eyes were very large (reminded me of The Simpsons) she had a calming vibe about her.

I would like to know if anyone has had a similar experience? Do you believe in super-human/ghosts/spirits visiting us in this life?

How did they make you feel?

Interestingly so, only one friend believed what I had seen. Going with the notion that you are indeed telling the truth – It’s amazing that people no longer accept ‘facts’ as word of mouth. Instead, they demand (not request) demand proof! ‘Where’s the photo?’ then those that are able to produce one are often shot down with questions such as ‘Where’s the video? Who else was there?’

Which, yes I agree! they are valid questions…it’s just that ‘these days’ even when one if presented with factual evidence, one will still doubt and refute the truth.

I ask those refuters of truth, is this because you’re afraid of seeing an aspect of life, through an honest account?

OR do you feel that only God sends spirits/messages to his people and as you deem yourself to be better than the one that is presenting their account, then surely, they must be delusional?

Kind regards,