A Saturday of Significance – 25.09.2021

You came to me and apologised.

I hadn’t expected it but I do appreciate it. I’m happy you did last night – it seems that you’re here to stay.

Sometimes I know I can be impulsive and I run away as fast as I can.

I’m a mini fan of ginger. Walls up, I can always do.

I sometimes imagine you’ll think one thing over the other and I convince myself that is the way.

I think maybe one day, we should spend a weekend together in New York City. Come back and adopt a rescue dog.

You said sorry and I felt it.

Thank you.

We are feeling this space and I feel sprouts, seeds and aubergines. You feel my hands.

What can say?

I’m ready.

A Saturday of Significance – 14.08.2021

A Saturday of Significance – 14.08.2021

I understand you better today than I have ever before.

You feel me today, you do and my vibes surround your mind and massage your soul.

I’m here for you.

I’ll always be here for you.

I’ll always be here for you.

I’ll always be here for you.

This week our thoughts collided and merged as one.

I never want us to part ever again.

I have missed you.



We Called it Saturday

Above me, high up in the sky, the clouds slide over my life.

I wore blue leggings, navy blue to be specific! I wore a highlighter yellow t-shirt. I desired to be the sunshine, the only other known to humankind.

My mind is full of clouds, this crazy world I reside.

On the windows edge sits a small jar of marbles, the wind blows around it and specks of dust lay on my eyes.

I only wanted to buy some snacks from the store. I felt the gravel doing summersaults on my eyeballs.

After the short walk through the wind tunnel of the street, I wiped muck off my face ten thousand times.

Welcome, Saturday!


If ever there was a day to reflect, I hear Saturday is the worst day to select.

It’s usually busy and predictable.

But would you bet on a Saturday to meditate? Mediate? Or simply to differentiate from the time we already have allotted to us?

I guess that’s a question for you to facilitate?