We Called it Saturday

Above me, high up in the sky, the clouds slide over my life.

I wore blue leggings, navy blue to be specific! I wore a highlighter yellow t-shirt. I desired to be the sunshine, the only other known to humankind.

My mind is full of clouds, this crazy world I reside.

On the windows edge sits a small jar of marbles, the wind blows around it and specks of dust lay on my eyes.

I only wanted to buy some snacks from the store. I felt the gravel doing summersaults on my eyeballs.

After the short walk through the wind tunnel of the street, I wiped muck off my face ten thousand times.

Welcome, Saturday!


If ever there was a day to reflect, I hear Saturday is the worst day to select.

It’s usually busy and predictable.

But would you bet on a Saturday to meditate? Mediate? Or simply to differentiate from the time we already have allotted to us?

I guess that’s a question for you to facilitate?