The Bear & Biscuits

I saw a bear in a cottage rummaging through a jar of biscuits.

I watched on through the kitchen window, admiring the glass jar and how it holds the biscuits within its body.

The bear smelt my sweet aroma, for I had honey all over my face. I had only gone outside to put the bins out, I’m sure I was gone for only a minute. My phone had buzzed and I checked a comment made on heard a noise and turned to head back to the kitchen. However, as I came closer to my kitchen window and saw the most serial image. A bear eating biscuits from a glass biscuit jar. They were delicious raspberry and white chocolate cookies.

     For 13 minutes, I stared through the window of my own kitchen, at this beautiful animal. Delicately stealing cookies from my jar of biscuits, only the cookies! The bear left the other biscuits; custard creams, bourbon creams, jam rings, rich tea, chocolate digestives and surely biscoff.