A Saturday of Significance – 26.06.2021

A Saturday of Significance – 26.06.2021

Karma will get you, said the little bluebird.

Karma will cut you if you only say the word.

Karma will harm you and flow deep through your veins.

Karma or karma for a clown is a shame.

As I walked away from the drama’s you bring regularly and the negative energy that you emit. I discovered that I quite like Saturdays!

Saturday is the perfect day for entertainment, revenge, and, of course, the end.

Karma will burn you once and for an extended time.

Karma hates you and will reduce your mind.

Karma will tie you into a ball of restrictions.

Karma, you ruin you – that’s what clowns get. All self-inflicted.

‘Who’s going to care when the novelty is over? When the star of your show, isn’t you, anymore!’ – Mariah

I’m a Boss Ass Bitch

Karen slid into my DM’s

I’m nothing. I’m no one. I’m uneducated. I’m unkempt, I’m irrelevant, I’m FAT, I’m BLACK, I have fake lips and tits, I’m ghetto, I’m crap, I’m desperate for the wasteman you claim, I’m broke, I’m old, I wish I were famous… can’t remember the rest. But I agree with Karen – I’m trash.

Even the exact shade of red won’t make you better than the worst version of


We’re not the same, sweetheart; I have no competition – almost 8 billion humans reside on this planet, and you assume I’m focused on your shit-show.



Nightmare Series: CLOWN

I should’ve never swiped right.

Guess you were dragged up from the dregs of societies gutter. Low down where the super-sized rats roam through the shit you spew from your brittle lips.

‘You’re just a puppet show.

A little boy that often sits alone and cries.’ – Mariah Carey

The catalyst for your disruption was that I woke up.

I saw the bits of matted flea covered fur you left around me. I noticed the putrid smell of your shitty words and the horrific sight of your existence.

Go perform like the clown you know best.

Go play dress up and hide the overplayed mess.

Go mimic better men and tell yourself you’re amazing. Self-affirm some nonsense to take attention away from the fact that you’re less than nothing.

A stain in a basement of an abandoned, derelict house. No one truly cares about you.

‘Who’s gonna love you when it all falls down? Who’s gonna love you when your bankroll runs out? Who’s gonna care when the novelty is over?’ – Mariah Carey

‘Not I,’ said Unique

‘Not I,’ said Unique

‘Not I,’ said Unique