Nightmare Series: Unique Is…

 A total mindfuck.

A wink and a stare.

Your best friend, who lifts you high into blissful moments.

Your lover, your one and only! A cherry kiss from her red lips.

An enigma.

A dream.

A quiet thought with a pinch of care.

One wrong move and Crow will gut you, right after or just before you ask God for forgiveness.

Unique is this thing that flourishes in your life.

Unique is?

Unique is an amazing thought process, wrapped up in pain and anxiety.

Don’t ask her to choose, life is full of commonplace varieties.

NEVER ask the opinion of everyday society!

Don’t stare too long, Crow will tear you from out of that seat at their table of peace. For one cannot dream of what Unique is, without something good to eat?

Unique is a mixture of warmth and ice, like cookie dough and ice-cream with added observations.

No cinnamon sprinkles, it’s fucking disgusting.

Unique is a plethora of stars made into human form.

Unique is living remnants of our universe from way back when.

Keep asking questions.

Keep watching your shadows.

Did you know, Crow prefers homemade banana bread?

Complete with heartache and suffering and that bitches ignorant head!

Unique is your bestie! Your homie beyond death you’ll never part.

Unique is pure mind-games, surreal like Dali art.

Unique is present, past and your future.

Unique is your tears as they profusely flow.

Unique is the end game and that is no joke.



Crow is listening to your thoughts.

Unique is above average in fact beyond the range of online surroundings.

Unique is Pandora’s Box in a misunderstanding.

Unique is the gift of lava burning through your soul.

Unique does not exist in this world, therefore you’ll never know.

Remember to close your windows and lock your doors, the evil one flies through the night…

Throw Money

At the bitch who acts like she knows shit but needs you to survive.

At the one that knows shit but would rather leave you to cry.

At the other, that takes more than they’re due.

At the stank looking one, who claims that they’re looking out for you.

At the people of people who’s people know people in need.

At bricks and mortar because every bitch needs a deed – for free.

At your habits, bad habits, needy fucking issues.

At a box of Kleenex because every dick needs tissues.

Cold Nation

📸 Unsplash

Cold Nation

Walk by the beggars that beg; maybe it’s for drugs? Maybe it’s for alcohol?

We can’t hear them.

News: The government say they have put aside millions of pounds to house the homeless during the coronavirus pandemic.

Viewers – Aww, that’s brilliant.

Walk by beggars who ask you to spare some change. They’re probably spending it on drugs and my money isn’t going to a crackhead.

Let’s get in the queue for McDonald’s, we haven’t had Maccys in weeks! We deserve a treat.

‘Spare some change please Luv?’

Sorry, I only have my card on me.

‘God bless you.’

Bite Me


I sleep and I sleep and my periods of sleep are often deep.

I wiggle and I turn and above my quilt, I look like a giant worm.

I groan and I grunt and I roll but I do not spin.

I flip back my covers and smack my leg, as I swear I’ve been bitten!

Some nights are hot.

Some mornings are cold.

I whirl around inside my mind as reality unfolds.

I jump up and hit the light, scanning the sheets I had jumped off.

I can’t see anything – maybe I’m crazy? Maybe I’m still asleep?

Sometimes I sweat, other times I mumble.

‘Fuck this fucking shit! Fucking old mattress, I hate it!.’

I once stripped the bed and put everything into a hot wash.

I covered my mattress in baking-soda, as the man on YouTube said to do that.

I left it for hours…I vacuumed up most of the grains of white.

I covered my mattress with a full cover – one that seals it in tight.

I dripped mint oil all over, as the woman on YouTube said it works wonders.

I slipped into bed and for a moment, I slept peacefully.


I slapped my calves, jumped out of bed, hit the lights, grabbed the torch and went close with my eyes.

I saw nothing.


📸: Unsplash

With my tears, I could flood a whole city.

I always paid attention to you.

April 22nd I cut that lifeline.

I cut you out of my life.

I was your line.

Emotions poured out like a river running wild, transforming into a tsunami and breaking the rules around love and the living.

Cascading through the area and hoping the glue melts away.

I held you up and gave you my energy.

You floated away and came back with new sight.

I see not your blue eyes.

I see not your grey eyes.

I see not your green eyes.

I can’t stop this!

I need to explode, rather implode on myself. I’m expressing today, I’m expressing.

At my knees, my tears caress my calves. The fragrance is cherry…I used to kiss you with cherry flavoured Carmex.

I lay on my bed and feel my tears submerge my thoughts.

9 times out of 10 I’m in my feelings…

With the negative memories you left behind, I lift the roof off my home and let the tears of the hurt ones pour in like rain.

I’m weighed down to the bed as my heart is heavy and drowning in memories seems fitting.

Are You Awake?

When I’m alone with my thoughts wishing our world was better, I think about you.

It’s dark in our country at this moment in time and I know you’re at home, eyes open and head down.

I would pray you call, but I remember your faults. And prayer is a conversation with myself.

You beat down my soul and drowned me in your lies. Water puts out fire it’s true, but ice can also burn through flesh.

I picture your tainted bar; you know the one you pissed on with your weaknesses. I recall that leash around your neck, only allowed you to commute to your office, home and wherever the Boss commanded you.

Are you awake?

Of course, you hiss desperation into the air and blow that through to my ears. Then you cry alone under the safety of a user for an employee.

I remember the mornings you beeped into my private space…scattered messages, deeper lies and flattened truths.

Let me tell you, the lies you spawned this time last year have already manifested over what you claim to fly with. When yet another drains your existence, you’ll wish you were sleeping eternally.

In satisfactory memory of the worm that wiggled its way through my fruit bowl.

The Complexities of Time

Time encouraged me to trust you.

Time pushed me to share.

Time gave me confidence.

Time accepted all I had to bare.

Complexed was your mind, intertwined with mine.

Complexed was my thought processes 90% of the time.

Complexed became your signature when what you said was opposite to your actions.

Complexities came about like bad acne, not enough treatment to gain traction.

Time taught me that you’re fraudulent.

Time set me on fire.

Time burnt away my emotions.

Time left you as a liar.


You’ve stopped drinking Corona beer through fear of catching COVID19, in other words, your ignorant mind has convinced you that COVID19 has been lingering for years upon years around the world, in bottles! That many people have been buying and consuming long before the COVID19 pandemic.

During my daily walk, I see you, I see many of you walking around like no virus exists. I see you standing right next to strangers or walking by them so closely, that you’re inches apart! Only a few inches.

COVID19 is still taking lives away from our Earth.

You’re out wandering around the streets, it’s more than essential travel! How do I know? Because I see you, I’ve seen you like zombies!

COVID19 is still present and raging through our earth.

Yet, you walk aimlessly around in close contact with everyone, not a care in the world.

They may not have used the Nightingale hospital straight away, but it does not take an expert to see that they will be busy in a matter of weeks.

Social distancing markers on the floor but only a small percentage adhere to the rules. I went out this morning to purchase essentials:

  • Sanitary Towels
  • Handwash
  • Drain Cleaner
  • Tissues
  • Hayfever Eyedrops
  • Hayfever tablets

I arrived at the shop at 9 am, opening time. While adhering to social-distancing rules, 3 people came along and casually started browsing in the same box I was standing within – I had been in the shop for about 20 seconds.

I want this to be over as much as everyone else, but not at the cost of even more people dying – additional deaths because ignorant, selfish, detrimental people think that ‘easing lockdown’ is equal to the end of COVID19.

     Coronavirus is roaming around our earth, invading people, choking them by filling their lungs with mucus and unfortunately, ending some lives. All because some of you are ignoring the rules and doing whatever you feel like – the sun is shining, let’s go outside and mingle. Let’s socialise and fuck the 2-metre social-distancing rules, I can stand/walk where the fuck I like.

‘It’s summertime bitches!’

Let’s play Russian Roulette with everyone’s lives!

Don’t worry about dying, we clap for the NHS every Thursday at 20:00.


The heat is nice during the daytime, I can open my windows and enjoy the breeze.

However, you fucking disrespectful cunts smoke weed, and the pungent smell lingers through my windows, into my home.

Then you have the audacity to complain and tweet #WhereisBorris? Where is your fucking manners?

I don’t recall stating I’m happy that you smoke weed outside and encourage it to linger around! Honestly, would you like it if I poured bleach all over your dwellings? Do you like the smell of bleach with a hint of lemon?

I had to close my window, all of them!

I had to sit inside with the ever-increasing heat and the decreasing coverings of clothes from my body.

I dislike your disregard for my need for fresh cool air.

Just because you wish to fill your lungs with shit, does not mean that I share your style of living.


When you create a small flame to light the end of your death stick.


When its summertime in the United Kingdom and the sun is shining.


When I must shut all my windows to prevent your addiction flowing through my space.


My temper right now, I’ve had enough.

I’m Not

I’m not inconsiderate or loaded with rage like a gun.

We can’t be friends. Who the fuck are you?


Keep digging.

I’ll watch on as your plot capsizes and a mudslide hides your demons.

Keep your distance as I’ll find a way to burn you alive.

I will wait until all water runs dry and I’ll watch as your flesh burning and embers fly.

Reciting the word hate is a negative trait, so I’ll blow a kiss to your memory.

Closed Off

I’m not open to love.

I’m unavailable for care.

I’m not interested in your problems. Please do not share.

I’m deliberating blocking you out of my life, for forever and a day.

I’m closed off to your negative energy in every single way.


From the files of Crow.

May 20—

Unique why do you shake, breathe deeply and not speak?
Did what to you? Where? What did they seek?

A little black ball of feathers turns red like the mist surrounding danger!

How dare he! How dare they!

Now you’re crying, and they’re lying, he’s lying to be precise. I will cut him; I will pierce him, I will chop him up and make meaty ice!

Fuck K!
Fuck K!
There’s no ‘K’ in Crow.
Fuck his title!
Fuck his life; K will breathe no more.

It makes me angry!
I will get revenge.
For you, Unique, vengeance will lead to a glorious end.


For three whole days, Crow flew, and he flew. He located the ‘K’ and extracted a bloody dew. Drop by drop he drank and her cursed. ‘Bad behaviour around Unique, blesses the cunt with a curse. Apologies K, I’m King Crow. I’ll start with your left eye and then tear your baby toes.’

He did as he spoke.
He drank, and he cackled.
He pecked, and he poked into holes he created.

He hopped onto the big toe and inscribed Crow deep within the ankle.

K pleaded and pleaded as his life slipped away. Unbalance Unique and Crow will ensure you pay.