The Pain Series by Dame Unique

Welcome to mid-October!

Over several days I’ll be sharing creative pieces from The Pain Series.

After preparing a post for World Mental Health Day and abandoning it, then preparing a new one. I thought about the times I’ve felt pain in my life and how I’ve dealt with that emotion.

During my time reflecting this weekend, I felt inspired to produce a mini-series on pain. It’s an emotion in life that we are all destined to experience. I can’t tell you how many times, as it will differ for each of us. However, I felt compelled to put PAIN into words and creatively articulate this emotion.

No one in our entire universe is absolved from pain. It forms a vital part of our lives and shapes our behaviour from that moment forward.

To me, pain is painful and sometimes that pain becomes a burden that overstays, long after its point has been made. Some moments in my life came unexpected and it’s true, I’ve cried a hundred times over, to no avail.

This October, I share the pain born from life itself.

Dame Unique

World Mental Health Day

Earlier this evening I had written a blog post that consisted of 1500 words. However, upon reflection, I’ve decided not to post it. This is out of respect for the memory of someone I once knew and held in high regard.

Some of you may know that in 2019 I went through a profound set of changes in my life. A few of which I have touched on lightly through conversations behind the protection of…

During the months of emotional pain that was inflicted on my existence, I felt as though I could not confide in anyone. It has taken months of work to acknowledge what happened, accept that it has happened and to move forward. That this person is no longer in my life and I admit, I have grieved the absence of our connection. However, in some ways, I’ve learned to identify other elements in my life that today I embrace.

If you or anyone you know are going through a difficult time and aren’t sure what to do. Please speak with someone or get in touch with an organisation that specialises in Mental Health.

If you or someone else you know:

  • Has a change in appetite
  • Feeling low.
  • Thinking about death.
  • Withdrawing from family & friends.
  • Change in sleeping habits.
  • Lack of interest in personal hygiene.

Please know that support is out there for you.

  • Mental
  • Samaritans
  • Childline
  • Rethink Mental Illness
  • Nightline

There is no shame in struggling with your mental health. All of us at one point go through something that impacts on our mental health.

The best thing I can advise is to seek help and know that support is out there for you.

Know that you matter and every heartbeat counts.