I Blocked the Bitch!

I blocked the bitch.

I blocked the bitch.

I stopped the bitch.

I locked off the bitch.

I dropped the bitch.

Cut off the bitch.

Read the bitch and shocked the bitch.

Keep your one sided activities, ignorant mindset and lack of complete narrative. I don’t need any of it.

The understanding that you are who you are: means that I’ll always grow being true to myself.


If you’ve not seen my WhatsApp story updates.

If you can’t see my Instagram.

If you can’t hear my tweets.

If you never receive a card this Christmas.

If your emails file straight to junk.

If your shared media has deleted and expired 30 days after deletion.

If your letters remain unopened or worse, unopened and returned.

If you try to call and can’t ever get through.

We’re not.

We’ll never be.

I’ll never seek.

I’ll never speak.

I’ll never hear.

We’ll never share a friendship again.

I’m Here

It wasn’t so long ago

I pinged you

I texted

I called

I hoped

I prayed

Today I heard you ask our universe for me to return, I heard you beg.

Too late, you should’ve replied with accuracy.


I never spoke of you.

Your name is not worthy of my voice. But I wrote about you because writing is love and not a choice.


Who is Unieeeq? Who is she? What is she? Who she be? Who she be?

I’m the bird of flame.

The tiger in the heart.

I’m a tsunami in the artic.

The blue star amongst the art.

I know not how to speak or to write, I simply think!

I’m not unique, I’m Unique…


“Done dealing with you
Don’t know how to deal with me
Done fuckin’ with you, don’t know how to love me” – Jhene Aiko

I feel much stronger I’ve got this!

With the power vested within, I’ll remain true to myself, and you shall not flood my life with bullshit again.

I imagine yesterday, to be the day you realised I’ve gone forever.

No longer shall your issues plague my existence. No more I will be your crutch, holding you up when you need a prop – user.

My life is my life, and I shall live it as I wish.