Grateful – Day 3

Death is unavoidable. We are mortal, each and every one of us.

We have a commonality, we are all human.

I’m thankful. For having family and friends. I’m eternally blessed to have a heart that beats…for now “I miss you.”

“Words can’t sculpt what life means to me.” Just know I love you, remember that I always will. Keep in your heart that, even when my heart stops. My love will always go on…for you.

I’m not entirely sorry for all the bad times we’ve shared. Without them, we wouldn’t be so beautiful in mind, body and soul. We wouldn’t stand so strong. So confident.

I wouldn’t be so unique and equally, you wouldn’t be so divine. Did I tell you I love you? Maybe I don’t say it enough. Just know…I love you.


Even though we don’t speak often enough, see each other hardly? Ever! I love you.

I appreciate the times we’ve spent together. That moment we met, the first time I heard your name, the last time we said goodbye. Our friendship(s) I’ll hold each ‘heartbeat’ close.

Without you, each and every one of you. I wouldn’t be me. I couldn’t be a true representation of Dominique. Without you, each and every one of you. I would be static. I wouldn’t cry, smile, anger, wish or even die? I couldn’t die if inside I’m already dead.

We are mortal, we are living. Don’t waste time on procrastination – spend time LIVING, LOVING and beating in unison with one another.

Know that as we leave our bodies behind, our spirits will continue to light up. Sculpt a bright spirit today.

Become a fond memory. Become an essential life.

Become at one with yourself, others and most importantly…with life.


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