I voted to remain IN the EU yesterday. It’s shocking that many voted OUT based on immigration and being afraid of religion(s) shocking because many of you have parents/grandparents that are ‘officially immigrants.’ It’s a shame that ignorance and lack of basic knowledge, influenced masses of people to vote OUT! Following others like herds of sheep…
You all better hope that people like Nigel Farage, Borris Johnson and that dickhead Trump don’t come into power! As it is clear that if they do, the UK will face further repercussions.
That treatment/medicine you or a loved one may currently be receiving is more than likely EU founded and FUNDED! if these big businesses pull out of the UK Then job losses are inevitable! No one is safe…and don’t assume you can flitter back to benefits, if the pound is down and businesses remove interest from our country, then what do we have left to make money and raise or encourage economic growth? Nothing!
Our country was once independent and strong, times have changed now people and you had better hope that current UK leaders are able to negotiate a decent ‘exit trade deals’ or the UK will truly be fucked.
Those that will struggle and pull through are those with common sense. The rest of you and the ones that wasted their votes will suffer the biggest losses. And if/when push comes to shove you better believe I’m looking out for mine.
This is what happens when people only follow the media and random hashtags, and fail to educate themselves on what could happen on a scale this big.
And FYI to all those immigrant haters – immigrants contribute MORE to the UK than take. It’s only a very small percentage that have benefits – but wouldn’t you? If your country was in war and you had no where to go and nothing, not a penny to your name! Would you seek accommodation elsewhere and hope they can get you on your feet?
Many of my closest friends are from somewhere within the EU, some of my lecturers, mentors, GPs, colleagues are EU born…that does not phase me! I’m proud of them.
What ever happened to humanity? And the irony is if the UK can’t save itself from this mess, most of you will be looking to IMMIGRATE to the EU!


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