I Pray

I pray that you get everything I could not give to you.

I pray that you do well.

I pray for you.

Crow cackles in the short distance, and out he coughs ‘Liar, liar! Atheist! Atheist.’

His sapphire blue eyes turn fiery red, and he flies down and lands on Unique’s head.

She’s kneeling at the grave of a love that never existed, for she pays her respects. But Crow cheers her for being a hypocrite.

Atheist! He caws before landing on the fresh mount of dirt.

‘Here lies a foolish man who is now home to my snacks, worms and maggots and the odd juicy rat!’

A fake tear falls from the right eye of Unique. Crow turns quickly, and it lands on his beak.

‘I love you, Unique.’

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