Object: The Stove

When I first met you, you were always cold and unwelcoming. I clicked switches and turned hobs and you just wouldn’t turn on.

I eventually saw your bright red glowing rings. So beautiful!

I placed a saucepan on the stove and warmed up some oat-milk, mixed in some oats and sprinkled some sugar.

The Stove, electric. Unknown to me before that day.

The stove, new and a learning curve for me in the ways of the kitchen.

The stove, I burnt a lot of food at the start. The temperature too high always too high but felt too low, to begin with.

Now that we’ve had some time together, I understand what you want and you know what I need.

Our shared memories and the nights you’ve witnessed my greed.

The Stove, are we in this?

Yes! Of course, we are. I’ll cook with you and they clean with you, your elements are my fire.

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