My Writings Pretty Shit

My writings pretty shit.

But my creativity is legit.

You can’t get a hit.

So you might as well sit!

Wrap a band around your arm and inject a little bit.

I’m not talkin’ drugs. I’m promoting my spit.

Thighs too hot, don’t forget your mitts.

I cry sometimes, but I’ll never quit.

Pussy sweet like honey, but you’ll never get a lick.

Your dreams so vivid, like PornHub you click.

Kiss you so good, with my sexy red lips.

Bought you up to my attention, with my fingertips.

Vegan burgers on my grill, we got an avocado dip.

Saved only memories, but I’m still booking a Lil trip.

Watch what you say, you don’t want Crow to flip.

Running through my city, down the middle of the strip.

Eyes so brown, look deep and you may slip.

Slip into love and feel pain from my clip.

I’m not talking about guns, I’m giving you a tip.

Baby, please don’t cry, cut us out with a snip.

Like I stated earlier, my writings pretty shit.

PS: Did I forget to mention, this whole piece was a blip.

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