Right Now

Right now I’m drinking from a tiny bottle of wine.

I have a lot on my mind.

People draining me daily, all the time.

My life is a life that is alive only sometimes.

This wine beams through me, deep through the darkness of my mind.

I call out for you! I call out for you.

Where are you? It’s late. Never on time.

Debating on life is a crime unfiltered.

I call out for you. Notifications remain muted.

The bait went stale.

Click. Click.

I’m exhausted, I miss aspects of interactions.

Reactions are volatile.

Because you always overreact – like an over sensitive weak human. Bitterness intact.

I probably shouldn’t be on my blog.

I probably should type out so many subliminals. I do. Oh! I do.

With the tiny bottle of wine, I salute you, you, you and you.

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