The Good Die Young

The Good Die Young

Nine Nights have commenced in loving memory of you, Grandad.

From such a young age, you inspired me with your stories of hope for your future, courage with every step and variety as the spice blended throughout your message from within the words.

On the 6th if November 2020 you returned to a star within our universe.

The pain I’m feeling, I can’t seem to translate into legible words. How does one comprehend a gargantuan loss?

The Good Die Young

You triumphed as the better man, in a country where being black is a crime. Especially back then.

I can’t even write in a way that makes any sense, because I can’t believe you’re no longer here with us. I don’t want to believe that.

I close my eyes tightly and warm tears flow continuously down my face. A few escape and jump into the part of my dress that’s resting on my lap.

My vision is constantly blurry and my voice infrequently squeezes out a painful whimper. It’s the ache from my heart that’s the most traumatic, it holds pure love inside for all those I love in my life.

The Good Die Young

You made it to 90!

The Good Die Young

Your love extended beyond the realms of blood and trees. Beyond the stars that glitter throughout the night. Beyond the moon that glows over your final breath in this life.

The Good Die Young

You instilled the best memories into the minds of all who had the blessing of you in their lives.

Thank you, Grandad.

For being the strongest man

For having the biggest heart

For sharing the most joy

For always remaining true to yourself

For being my Grandad!



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