Exclusive: Crows Cackle

The morning sky was dark, wind flowed around the sharp black claws of a small black body that was perched at the top…

The sweet aroma of aloe vera incense glided slowly throughout their home on the back of small gusts of wind. The back door was open, with a thin gap around half an inch in width.

Halloween had long since passed, weeks before this very night. I must press that a bonfire glitters brightly in the hungry eyes of the black one that sat in silence on the peak of a squidgy surface.

Three unworthy cries go out, as a plea of anguish to the moon that glows creating a dull sparkle in one set of eyes. They believed that in this life, God will hear them out and answer them in a timely fashion.

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A sharp snap was felt a little way down from where a black ball of well-preened feathers grows.

Pop! went the spine of ignorance, whose behaviour was noted down in a carefully monitored situation.


‘Moody swings.’

‘Moody,’ whispers glide through the night sky.

An even louder pop came out just as the black one’s claw pierced through a spine. The lump wailed ‘forgive me! I promise I’ll try better next time.’

The black plumage paused and tilted its head to the left. Sapphire eyes looked magical and glistened with moonshine and fire. Don’t you agree?

The black boulder glanced up at the sky, a look of satisfaction to the Lord. Why not ask to be saved from God or maybe even Mary at a stretch? Why only plead for forgiveness, under the turmoil of fear and piss scented sweat?

The black sphere of hope did not consider your request.

For your ignorant behaviour had sentenced you to death.

Another disc popped, and yet a few more followed… The fire raged on naturally, the moon continued to shine. The aloe vera incense finished its purpose, yet its last slither of smoke is inhaled by a black beast that smothered a wounded sound.

At the moment a weak whimper fades to a stop, Crow cackles.

A pile was sent up North.

With its tongue and its eyes and hands cut off.

Morning arrives and the day is new

A day is new and a clock keeps ticking.

Crows best friend wakes up and declares, ‘I feel uplifted. Blessed day.’

Crow never heard that common name repeated anywhere in our universe again.

Inspired by Ted Hughes: Crow

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