Bite Me


I sleep and I sleep and my periods of sleep are often deep.

I wiggle and I turn and above my quilt, I look like a giant worm.

I groan and I grunt and I roll but I do not spin.

I flip back my covers and smack my leg, as I swear I’ve been bitten!

Some nights are hot.

Some mornings are cold.

I whirl around inside my mind as reality unfolds.

I jump up and hit the light, scanning the sheets I had jumped off.

I can’t see anything – maybe I’m crazy? Maybe I’m still asleep?

Sometimes I sweat, other times I mumble.

‘Fuck this fucking shit! Fucking old mattress, I hate it!.’

I once stripped the bed and put everything into a hot wash.

I covered my mattress in baking-soda, as the man on YouTube said to do that.

I left it for hours…I vacuumed up most of the grains of white.

I covered my mattress with a full cover – one that seals it in tight.

I dripped mint oil all over, as the woman on YouTube said it works wonders.

I slipped into bed and for a moment, I slept peacefully.


I slapped my calves, jumped out of bed, hit the lights, grabbed the torch and went close with my eyes.

I saw nothing.

Escape into Nothing

‘Hey, where are you going?’

‘To someplace you’re not.’

‘May I join you?’

‘No! As your smell will make me…’


‘Well, you smell like dead fishes.’

‘But don’t people eat dead fishes?’

                ‘I only buy organic!’

‘So you buy live fishes?’

                ‘I buy what looks nice when I visit the supermarket.’

‘Right, a plethora of dead animals on shelves that smell. I understand.’

                ‘Don’t be so rude!’

‘I’m simply stating facts. You buy, fry and eat dead, organic fishes and that is that!’

                ‘Well, at least it’s not the cheap stuff that I bet you buy.’

‘Actually, I was the salmon you eat twenty years ago, now reincarnated into this barbaric life.’

From the Files of Unique: Remember When

Remember when I was a scientist aged 12.

Remember when I became an Artist shortly after.

Remember when My voice was the twin tone of Mariah Carey’s.

Remember when My body was slim and appealing.

Remember when I had friends who I could trust wholeheartedly.

Remember when I used to eat meat.

Remember when I gave up meat.

Remember when I was a Hairdresser and cut my sister’s hair off.

Remember when My heart belonged to a selfish bastard.

Remember when I used to spend hours understanding people.

Remember when I called every Wednesday after work and awarded you two hours or more of deep and meaningful conversation. I used to listen to your nonsense.

Remember when I told you I loved you.

Remember when you hit the spot and pushed for my everything.

Remember when I considered myself to be a psychologist.

Remember when I wrote you a four paged letter and enclosed it with a kiss.

My memories are all that I have left…

I Saw Blue

From the files of Unique

I saw blue

Inhale and ask, I’ll hear and maybe listen.

Exhale and step back…I’m hurting.

I try to save myself, but I see my veins turning blue. My favourite hue so I don’t stop it.

Say my name!

Save me!

Do I need you?

Uncertainty pushes stagnation deeper and I plunge into darkness.

I need someone to help me up.

I need an anecdote. Something amusing.

I’ve already tried forgiveness.

I tried believing.

 Inhale and maybe I’ll hear your voice.

Exhale, step back…I’m crying.

You’re acting kinda shady!

What’s my name?

I’m not a temporary thing.

I’m not your option.

I’m not a fuckin time stamp!

I’m not your second or third.

I’m not your escape.

I’m not your therapist.

Equally, I’m not your bitch!

Oo blue oozes out of my purpose. I find it hard to cry because I’ve done that many times before and nothing changes.

Who am I?

You like to fuck with my conscience. That’s why I’m in this position.

You act like I don’t exist.

You act like I don’t exist.

You act like I don’t exist.

Today is not a year ago!


Why am I here?

Why did you drag me here?

Why didn’t you leave me there?

Blue bleeds through the air I breathe.

I often drown into memories of your eyes.

I saw blue…

Dream Girl

You have long hair, it’s braided.

Your lips are smoothed in red.

Your hair is sweet with coconut and honey aromas.

Your eyes are brown – I love your eyes.

Your eyelashes are curled and I know that’s all-natural.

Your lips taste like cherries.

You sound like an angel from the garden of Bliss.

Your skin is soft and I know you use coconut oil to moisturise your body.

Your body is beautiful.

Your mind is unique.

My dream girl…


📸: Pixabay

No arguments.

No additional information.

No reminders.

No pleas!

No statements.

No subliminal memes on my status updates.

No cryptic tweets.

No hashtag.

No handwritten letters.

No obvious notion.

No phone call.

No smokescreen.

No emails.

No screenshots.

No reminiscing.

No dreams about cutting you up into tiny pieces, seasoning you with a pinch of salt and a cup of pepper and feeding you to a murder of CROWS.

*I simply blocked and deleted your connections to me.

Crow: Don’t

They gon’ tweet about it. Go tweet about it.

Don’t think they know, but they say they saw…CROW ripped out his larynx because Unique did not like that voice.

Twitter – @Dame_Unique: They don’t know about us, they don’t know about it. 😈

Don’t think they know, but they say they saw…CROW set alight a bull, in broad daylight. #AnimalAbuse They tweeted.

Don’t think they know, but they say they saw…CROW peck away at the bulls burning ankles.

Don’t think they know, but they say they saw…CROW toss away bits of charred flesh, seagulls gather and fought over the scraps of bull. But dare not interfere with CROW.

Don’t think they know, but they say they saw…CROW devouring the bull’s midsection. They swore that with every bite he grew a few more inches.

They gon’ tweet about it, go tweet about it.

Twitter – @Dame_Unique: Don’t listen to what people say, they don’t know about my life VS my reality

Crow: Hey B

📸: Pixabay

I see you most days and I wanna gut you and spread your vegan filled intestines across the forest I filled with bagels.

[Unique is on amber]

The moment her mind thinks ‘yes,’ I’ll be there for you; for your depressed aura and your lying lips. I imagine peeling them from your face slowly, then throwing them out for the owl to scoop up a snack during nightly ventures.

I see your social media activity. BULLSHIT!

Don’t you close your eyes.


📸: Pixabay

How did I arrive here?

When did I start to detest you?

[You hurt me]

I hear you want my magic, again.

I feel you miss me.

I know you need us.

Only over my dead body…

When did I become so lost?

Why did I lose focus?

How did love get so stale?

[You stabbed me 33 times]

I know you want to hold me.

I sense you genuinely care.

I heard you call my mind out.

Over my dead body…

When did I forget who I am?

How did I fail to acknowledge the red flags?

Why did I swipe right on you?

[You disrespected our relationship]

I know you’d never have left me.

I hurt from the mental abuse.

I cry for the physical detriment.

Over my dead body…

To feel my heart beating was a privilege you’ll never experience again.

To have my fine elixir drown your handsome face will never be repeated in this life or the next.

To hear my voice whisper how amazing you are will remain a pretty dream you have before my presence in your life haunts you.

Now I know your mind is defeated, I can sleep with ease.

Rest In Peace


I Said It

You found a bitch while receiving my magic. You were healing when you found a bitch.

I say, ‘fuck your new love that you think you’ve found, and since you keep making contact I know she’s not profound.’

You awarded her credit for the hard work I put in with you.

I’m just saying, ‘you’ll never do better.’

Tell you that you’ve read that lately?

I’m not hating, I’m just stating. FACTS!

My homie said you’re a crazy fucking USER.

That was the first time in a long time I laughed until I cried.