Under the Rock

From Under the Rock

Intuitively, I’ve thought about people who I no longer associate with. They’ve crossed my mind lately, as I was the one that cut them off and walked away.

This decision ranges across a variety of different events/scenarios; however, the reason remains the same, ‘I’m responsible for my happiness.’

Please note: I hold no remorse over the above, for I am happier and more relaxed. *Yes, I closed friendships where I believed at the time; it was one that will remain forever. I’m sure it’s common for many of us to think of those that no longer exist within our lives. I know factually that I’m not the only one. Some of the objects that were strong connections to those people, I’ve discarded; I don’t like to keep negative energy sources around me.

Why? You may ask. Or you may assume I’m a selfish person? Either way, your opinion on my choices bare no attention from me. However, I will construct a form of an answer?

People who are overly negative, inherently toxic, stagnant or outright duplicitous, I remove myself from their lives. – I don’t have the energy to be mystified with negativity on the continuous rotating ring of hell.

I wish Rona aka COVID-19 would fuck right off, but I must point out the insight they have given to me. I hear from those who genuinely care for me in this weird time.

Those that don’t care, I won’t ever hear from, but neither will you.

The cockroaches and cretin from under the rocks are coming out in full force. ‘Hey Unique, long time no see! How are you? You crossed my mind today.’

It’s beautiful how our minds work, we are all the same, yet we are all intricately different. Only, we are linked in ways we are still learning.

Questions form as I ignore the calls.

Delete the messages.

Spam the e-mails.

‘Do you miss me, really?’

‘Is this the social version of the last supper?’

In this life, I keep repeating the above actions.

In that alternate universe, I pour lava over the rocks that rumble and Crow sings a sweet song.


From the files of Crow.

May 20—

Unique why do you shake, breathe deeply and not speak?
Did what to you? Where? What did they seek?

A little black ball of feathers turns red like the mist surrounding danger!

How dare he! How dare they!

Now you’re crying, and they’re lying, he’s lying to be precise. I will cut him; I will pierce him, I will chop him up and make meaty ice!

Fuck K!
Fuck K!
There’s no ‘K’ in Crow.
Fuck his title!
Fuck his life; K will breathe no more.

It makes me angry!
I will get revenge.
For you, Unique, vengeance will lead to a glorious end.


For three whole days, Crow flew, and he flew. He located the ‘K’ and extracted a bloody dew. Drop by drop he drank and her cursed. ‘Bad behaviour around Unique, blesses the cunt with a curse. Apologies K, I’m King Crow. I’ll start with your left eye and then tear your baby toes.’

He did as he spoke.
He drank, and he cackled.
He pecked, and he poked into holes he created.

He hopped onto the big toe and inscribed Crow deep within the ankle.

K pleaded and pleaded as his life slipped away. Unbalance Unique and Crow will ensure you pay.