Crow: Happy Fathers Day


The sun shone brightly and beautifully over everything here today in this space. The trees, bees, birds and I. The bees, birds, trees and Crow.

Together, side by side we perched on a wooden bench. Mrs Anna Smith 2019 was engraved into a bit of copper behind my back. Crows sapphire eyes rested at the scene and my heart eased at the setting.

     Earlier this morning we had woken up at 0400 and then again at 1000. We had eaten waffles for breakfast! Crow made 3, one for me, one for himself and the other one for later. I had told him to just make it later, only he insists we won’t have time.

Many years ago I prayed for your return. I prayed for you to be here, to hold me and to lead the role that you created in my-life by default.

Today, I turn and ask Crow, ‘Where’s your father?’

     ‘I’m am the father.’ He squints his eyes at me and swallows 1/4 of his waffle. ‘But Crow, I mean, you never speak about your family.’ He sips some water and whispers, ‘I am the sun.’ I smile and reply, ‘you’re right about that, you brighten up my day, every day.’

As I was saying, we’re currently perched side by side on a wooden bench. We’ve been seated for about 3hrs now.  Crow begins to peck at his cold maple syrup-drenched waffle.

     It’s a weird feeling seeing you again after all these years. You’ve aged, you smell like something I’ve never smelt before. You’re silent and you look amazing in crimson.

     I know you would be crying with both eyes, but Crow explained that he had pecked the left one out as you spat on his left-wing. I imagine you would apologise, but Crow pointed out that you threatened that God will strike him down dead!

     Now we wait, sunset will arrive after 2100 only by then, I’ll be at home asleep and alone. Crow promised me that he will shower you with the same energy you gave to your beliefs in God.

At 2103…Unique is at home sleeping peacefully after a nice hot bath. She had drizzled honey and sprinkled sugar over the water. Apparently, this is how you curate sweet dreams.

  Crows final thought: ‘I am the father. I am the sun and I am Crow!’

He urinates on your head and you move your head to the left slightly. His piss burns your visible wounds and you cry. Crow laughs because the people around you can’t hear you. Maggots chewed out their brains and worms wiggled through their souls.

‘Cemeteries are for the dead! Which you will be apart of in precisely 34 minutes.’

 Crow flies up into the light dusky sky and shouts across to the world, ‘I am the Holy Spirit! Happy Fathers Day.’

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