Love me, Love me Not.

The bright hue of Scarlett.

The warm scent of new.

The heavyweight of sorrow.

The belief of love renewed.

The reality of intention and deception.

The thoughts so dark and grey.

The scope of fame and fortune, with clickbait, added each day.

The whores attitude of your attitude towards my existence.

The ego you blow up and in my space, the knife stabbed through to mitigate it.

The blue blocks of builds hiding the levels of coerced promotions.

The white lines of the show you glamorise as actualisation.

The whisky you take straight on a Tuesday afternoon.

The roar from my heart at the sign of a new moon.

The rust from your mindset as it’s set in its ways.

Love me, love me not I don’t care anymore, anyway.

Dear Love

Dear Love,

I love you.

But I love the world around us even more.

I love our sky.

I love our sea.

I love the air we breathe.

I love the swans paddling by on a warm summers day.

I love the peace of mind when drama and pain fade away.

I love your eyes.

I love your mind.

I love your brain in its entirety.

I love your soul.

I love your heart.

Every heartbeat counts, no authority.

I love the way your smile beams through to my vision.

I love your warmth, including extra love only emissions.

I love your kisses.

I love your touch.

I love our love when love is never too much.



Everything is Rosy

I’ve never met a man like you before.

You challenge me.

I’m excited.

I’m gushing through my white lace panties.

Currently, I’m dating an amazing man.

We have great sex and commitment.

He’s consistent.

Shout out to our future darling.

Everything is rosy.

Broken Curse

I’ve been on a journey, I was doused in a toxic curse. I’ve cried a million times over and even then the toxicity remained undisturbed. – Unique

You used a blue highlighter and pulled me in to read your words.

You stood tall and spoke your wishes into our universe.

You remained calm and spoke your confidence into my ears.

You took hold of my body, a body I’ve disliked over time. You opened up my mind and breathed your dreams into my life.

Your confidence is beautiful and your mindset is amazing. I tried to push you, but you stayed where you felt most comfortable and helped to ease my anxiety away.

You stepped up to my self-critical words and stripped my layers off.

You pulsated inside me and held me tight.

At that moment, I felt lifted and wonderful that you knew from day one, that everything will be alright.

August 2020


I’ve been tormented by your silence.

Incapacitated by your love.

Lost time over how you’ve treated me.

Scars on my arms and etched into my mind.

I never asked for this. I only wanted to love and be loved.

When you don’t like an action I’ve taken, you impose an order of silence.

I wait anxiously to discover the consequence.

I lay beside you, awake.

You hold me tightly and whisper.

Inside I’m broken.

Inside I’m broken.

Inside I’m broken.

I wake up and you’ve made breakfast.

You’re happy! You kiss me.

I’m confused.

Did you not?

Did we not?

Did I not?

Your body embraces mine on a sunlit balcony.

I want to feel bliss. But fear races through me.

Why am I afraid of you?


Apparently, I’m not good enough.

So you push back on my prospects.

We all must live with our choices, until the end of our lives.

I’m not here.

I’m a figment of your imagination.

Even the sweetest moments were lost.

Know that back then…I never thought this was possible.

I envisioned a delusion.

Know that I died that day.

Know that I was buried in a capsule of bullshit.

Know that my last thoughts were of the good times you conjured up.


📸: Pixabay

No arguments.

No additional information.

No reminders.

No pleas!

No statements.

No subliminal memes on my status updates.

No cryptic tweets.

No hashtag.

No handwritten letters.

No obvious notion.

No phone call.

No smokescreen.

No emails.

No screenshots.

No reminiscing.

No dreams about cutting you up into tiny pieces, seasoning you with a pinch of salt and a cup of pepper and feeding you to a murder of CROWS.

*I simply blocked and deleted your connections to me.

I Said It

You found a bitch while receiving my magic. You were healing when you found a bitch.

I say, ‘fuck your new love that you think you’ve found, and since you keep making contact I know she’s not profound.’

You awarded her credit for the hard work I put in with you.

I’m just saying, ‘you’ll never do better.’

Tell you that you’ve read that lately?

I’m not hating, I’m just stating. FACTS!

My homie said you’re a crazy fucking USER.

That was the first time in a long time I laughed until I cried.