Broken Curse

I’ve been on a journey, I was doused in a toxic curse. I’ve cried a million times over and even then the toxicity remained undisturbed. – Unique

You used a blue highlighter and pulled me in to read your words.

You stood tall and spoke your wishes into our universe.

You remained calm and spoke your confidence into my ears.

You took hold of my body, a body I’ve disliked over time. You opened up my mind and breathed your dreams into my life.

Your confidence is beautiful and your mindset is amazing. I tried to push you, but you stayed where you felt most comfortable and helped to ease my anxiety away.

You stepped up to my self-critical words and stripped my layers off.

You pulsated inside me and held me tight.

At that moment, I felt lifted and wonderful that you knew from day one, that everything will be alright.

August 2020

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