That’s Not My Story

You’ve done well.

I’m proud.

I’m inspired.

I’m somewhat happy for you. Honest.

The left side of my neck hurts.

You achieved something new to your life. Brilliant.

That’s not my story.

Do not wish the same for my life.

Our universe has chosen. I’m at peace with where I’m going.

Womb Justice

‘Where’s your kids at? I have mine. Time is ticking.’ – known imbecile

Gone are the days that people are proud of you for all you’ve accomplished, starting from the pits of society. Don’t seek them as they’ve been eradicated.

My credentials are visible to those that wish to see them. I’m not a foghorn or a viral social media post. I’m Unique.

I’ve spent a lot of time focused on my interests. I’m assigning large quantities of time to my creative pursuit. Makes no difference in the eyes of a known individual who recently mocked my womb.

A womb that is ageing with each passing year, ridiculed for not yet producing offspring.  *Don’t take a moment to see if a woman is medically okay!

Air your deep thoughts during a discussion about facilities in a household that is not shared. They felt it was fair to desecrate on my womb credentials – ‘time is ticking.’

There are some people throughout my life that I’ve stepped back from and stopped talking to. The cut-off. The known individual has been added to this category of ignorance.

No woman should be made to feel inadequate based on the thoughts of an ignorant form of existing life.

No woman should be made to feel useless because their womb has yet to bare seeds.

No woman’s education should be discarded because known individuals believe women belong in the kitchen and caring for children.

No woman should have to experience the levels of disrespect that I recently went through.

To the known individual,

Your comments shot through my existence ten-fold. I’ll never forgive your ignorance.

The fact you feel your docile mind has any room in the world to comment on any womb is beyond me.

Your current partner has a womb.

Your daughter has a womb.

Will you impose the same taunts onto them?

I wonder if your role was reversed and you experience the nightmares many women face. If you’ll still make scornful comments.

I’ll never forgive your Incomprehension on mindfulness and basic respect.

Always remember your comments and do express them to your partner and your daughter if ever they face similar womb trials and tribulations.

I believe in equality and fairness.

Don’t stop being sexist on account of my womb.



Snakes Invade my Space

Snakes Invade my Space

They wear suits.

They appear friendly.

They stab your soul and act as you’ve harmed them.

Their lies are accepted by those who look akin to their reflection.

They wear burgundy, they dress professionally.

They spread lies – faster than coronavirus.

They breed and multiply, they outlive the good ones. It’s like they never fade away and die.

Snakes slither around my feet, acting weak and in need like their life is deep and unseen by Unique.

They don’t strike out and bite into my Achilles muscle. They slither back and report I stomped on their heads. The slither by again, slower than the first time, they smile as they’ve successfully poisoned the ignorant heartbeats, within my space.

A group of snakes can hiss the same shit, they can do that daily. This does not equal the truth being reiterated by one.

 A pit of snakes slid through my path, they tricked the masses and smiled at me during the process. Upon reflection, I now realise your life was never more than an insignificant birth.

Bittersweet Support

I know what my purpose in life is and I’m aware of my journey. I’m not obliged to share that with anyone.

Yes, I use various forms of social media. But when did I agree to be posting on the Gram all day every day? I don’t like the assumptions you’ve made of me.

To repeat, you stated that I should have thousands of followers…why? I post when I feel like posting, my life does not revolve around social-media. Why do you feel that my presence online validates my self-worth? ‘Attention is the greatest evil of all time.’

Before social-media talent was recognised and spoken of, word by glorious word. Since social media, you are known for pouring milk over your ass during a live-stream. You gain loads of followers, you continue to post what they like to see.

You judge me.

You judge ME!

In your mind, my creativity has no meaning.

My education is worthless – I should be earning millions by now.

That’s not the way the world works.

It doesn’t phase you that I’m happy with my progression in life, you don’t even know my struggle, my nightmares, my strife! But you judge me, severely so.

‘How come you don’t have many followers then?’

Its 2020 and despite what you do in life, and no matter the sparkling fact that you’re in your own lane – of you don’t have millions of followers on social media, your purpose in life means NOTHING.

*What a close one stated last weekend.

Closed Off

I’m not open to love.

I’m unavailable for care.

I’m not interested in your problems. Please do not share.

I’m deliberating blocking you out of my life, for forever and a day.

I’m closed off to your negative energy in every single way.