Bittersweet Support

I know what my purpose in life is and I’m aware of my journey. I’m not obliged to share that with anyone.

Yes, I use various forms of social media. But when did I agree to be posting on the Gram all day every day? I don’t like the assumptions you’ve made of me.

To repeat, you stated that I should have thousands of followers…why? I post when I feel like posting, my life does not revolve around social-media. Why do you feel that my presence online validates my self-worth? ‘Attention is the greatest evil of all time.’

Before social-media talent was recognised and spoken of, word by glorious word. Since social media, you are known for pouring milk over your ass during a live-stream. You gain loads of followers, you continue to post what they like to see.

You judge me.

You judge ME!

In your mind, my creativity has no meaning.

My education is worthless – I should be earning millions by now.

That’s not the way the world works.

It doesn’t phase you that I’m happy with my progression in life, you don’t even know my struggle, my nightmares, my strife! But you judge me, severely so.

‘How come you don’t have many followers then?’

Its 2020 and despite what you do in life, and no matter the sparkling fact that you’re in your own lane – of you don’t have millions of followers on social media, your purpose in life means NOTHING.

*What a close one stated last weekend.

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