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How did I arrive here?

When did I start to detest you?

[You hurt me]

I hear you want my magic, again.

I feel you miss me.

I know you need us.

Only over my dead body…

When did I become so lost?

Why did I lose focus?

How did love get so stale?

[You stabbed me 33 times]

I know you want to hold me.

I sense you genuinely care.

I heard you call my mind out.

Over my dead body…

When did I forget who I am?

How did I fail to acknowledge the red flags?

Why did I swipe right on you?

[You disrespected our relationship]

I know you’d never have left me.

I hurt from the mental abuse.

I cry for the physical detriment.

Over my dead body…

To feel my heart beating was a privilege you’ll never experience again.

To have my fine elixir drown your handsome face will never be repeated in this life or the next.

To hear my voice whisper how amazing you are will remain a pretty dream you have before my presence in your life haunts you.

Now I know your mind is defeated, I can sleep with ease.

Rest In Peace


The Complexities of Time

Time encouraged me to trust you.

Time pushed me to share.

Time gave me confidence.

Time accepted all I had to bare.

Complexed was your mind, intertwined with mine.

Complexed was my thought processes 90% of the time.

Complexed became your signature when what you said was opposite to your actions.

Complexities came about like bad acne, not enough treatment to gain traction.

Time taught me that you’re fraudulent.

Time set me on fire.

Time burnt away my emotions.

Time left you as a liar.

Buckets of Love

I can tell you about the blue buckets I have in my bathroom.

They’re filled with love.

At night I wander the streets and sprinkle hearts on all things green.

A bucket here, a bucket there, you know what I mean.

But where do they come from?

I can’t share that information on my blog.


I visited the super-market and could not buy:

  • Hand-sanitiser
  • Antibacterial Surface Spray
  • Antibacterial Wipes
  • Porridge
  • Oat-milk
  • Self-raising flour

I have visited the super-market every-day since March 17 2020

It is disheartening each time I visit, nothing is available…Knowing that people across the United Kingdom have stock-piled through sheer greed!



‘Indoors, indoors, indoors!’

‘Crow, it’s for the benefit of all.’

‘Indoors, indoors, no more!’

‘Crow, it’s for the good of human-kind.’

‘Indoors, indoors, I hate these walls.’

‘Crow, you picked the colour, remember from before?’

The little blackbird ruffles his feathers in his spot on the corner of their kitchen table. He looks longingly out of the window and snarls, ‘Fucking panic-buyers, there wasn’t any chicken nuggets left!’ Unique turns off the saucepan that now has heated baked-beans, mushrooms and onions inside. ‘Crow, we’ll be fine. We have chickpea-chick’n for tomorrows dinner.’

‘Indoors, indoors, indoors! No more indoors, no more.’

Unique serves up two bowls of mashed potatoes, beans, mushrooms, onions and a sprinkle of sesame seeds. Places the dishes onto the table, Crow grumbles and whispers, ‘I wanted roast chicken!’ Unique rubs his left cheek and prompts him to try his first meat-free meal.

Serious Mood

The last time I received a papercut, I remember seeing blood.

The pain was real enough.

I felt like I needed a quiet, dark place a few weeks ago. I explained why.

Thursday gone I felt happy due to some of the changes I’m creating. The first thing you say is, ‘you’re usually in a serious mood.’

I understand you don’t honestly believe I deserve to be happy. You like when I’m weak and in need. I realised that – you like drama.


The art to mix two is an art only a Master can muster before man.

I won’t lie to the watchers.

I’ll lie to fakers.

They want to know how I created this tiny heartbeat.

I told them, ‘from my baby toe, I tapped into a plug and shocked a new beat.’

I mixed madness into sanity and called it life.

I’ll always love you.

You’ll always be my baby…

Crow Said YES

Crow Said YES

It was Sunday 23rd of February 2020 at 11:11 I discovered Crow could read minds. As he flew above me, he seemed quieter than usual. More focused.

I called up.

He flew down.

Landed on my right shoulder and said, ‘Unique, listen!’

‘I’m listening.’

‘Look at that fat bitch selling to that weird bitch.’

‘I’m looking.’

‘Can’t you hear them?’

‘Their mouths aren’t open; she looks like she’s browsing.’

His sapphire blue eyes stare intensely into my big brown eyes. He watches another person and then looks around.

‘Ah! I’m the chosen one.’

Crow sets off into the sky above and circles everyone as I walk by.

Can I short-change this blind customer?

Are Vegans stupid?

Does eating take way make you fat?

Can you cheat and not get caught?

He doesn’t wash, does he?

Crow, in delight that he can hear thoughts, shouts down to all.