Crow Said YES

Crow Said YES

It was Sunday 23rd of February 2020 at 11:11 I discovered Crow could read minds. As he flew above me, he seemed quieter than usual. More focused.

I called up.

He flew down.

Landed on my right shoulder and said, ‘Unique, listen!’

‘I’m listening.’

‘Look at that fat bitch selling to that weird bitch.’

‘I’m looking.’

‘Can’t you hear them?’

‘Their mouths aren’t open; she looks like she’s browsing.’

His sapphire blue eyes stare intensely into my big brown eyes. He watches another person and then looks around.

‘Ah! I’m the chosen one.’

Crow sets off into the sky above and circles everyone as I walk by.

Can I short-change this blind customer?

Are Vegans stupid?

Does eating take way make you fat?

Can you cheat and not get caught?

He doesn’t wash, does he?

Crow, in delight that he can hear thoughts, shouts down to all.





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