Dream Girl

You have long hair, it’s braided.

Your lips are smoothed in red.

Your hair is sweet with coconut and honey aromas.

Your eyes are brown – I love your eyes.

Your eyelashes are curled and I know that’s all-natural.

Your lips taste like cherries.

You sound like an angel from the garden of Bliss.

Your skin is soft and I know you use coconut oil to moisturise your body.

Your body is beautiful.

Your mind is unique.

My dream girl…


📸: Pixabay

How did I arrive here?

When did I start to detest you?

[You hurt me]

I hear you want my magic, again.

I feel you miss me.

I know you need us.

Only over my dead body…

When did I become so lost?

Why did I lose focus?

How did love get so stale?

[You stabbed me 33 times]

I know you want to hold me.

I sense you genuinely care.

I heard you call my mind out.

Over my dead body…

When did I forget who I am?

How did I fail to acknowledge the red flags?

Why did I swipe right on you?

[You disrespected our relationship]

I know you’d never have left me.

I hurt from the mental abuse.

I cry for the physical detriment.

Over my dead body…

To feel my heart beating was a privilege you’ll never experience again.

To have my fine elixir drown your handsome face will never be repeated in this life or the next.

To hear my voice whisper how amazing you are will remain a pretty dream you have before my presence in your life haunts you.

Now I know your mind is defeated, I can sleep with ease.

Rest In Peace


I Said It

You found a bitch while receiving my magic. You were healing when you found a bitch.

I say, ‘fuck your new love that you think you’ve found, and since you keep making contact I know she’s not profound.’

You awarded her credit for the hard work I put in with you.

I’m just saying, ‘you’ll never do better.’

Tell you that you’ve read that lately?

I’m not hating, I’m just stating. FACTS!

My homie said you’re a crazy fucking USER.

That was the first time in a long time I laughed until I cried.


📸: Unsplash

With my tears, I could flood a whole city.

I always paid attention to you.

April 22nd I cut that lifeline.

I cut you out of my life.

I was your line.

Emotions poured out like a river running wild, transforming into a tsunami and breaking the rules around love and the living.

Cascading through the area and hoping the glue melts away.

I held you up and gave you my energy.

You floated away and came back with new sight.

I see not your blue eyes.

I see not your grey eyes.

I see not your green eyes.

I can’t stop this!

I need to explode, rather implode on myself. I’m expressing today, I’m expressing.

At my knees, my tears caress my calves. The fragrance is cherry…I used to kiss you with cherry flavoured Carmex.

I lay on my bed and feel my tears submerge my thoughts.

9 times out of 10 I’m in my feelings…

With the negative memories you left behind, I lift the roof off my home and let the tears of the hurt ones pour in like rain.

I’m weighed down to the bed as my heart is heavy and drowning in memories seems fitting.


He told me I was more than enough.

He stomped on my heart.

He cut through and now I’m permanently scarred.

Now I think about it daily and its old news.

He told me that I’m not enough.

It cut so deep I bleed out.

I fell apart.

From my core…I didn’t know before.

Feelings could be so powerful.

Devil in the form of a bull.

You said this, ‘Unique, I want you in my life forever! I know no one like you.’

He trampled across my wrists, his hooves fragmenting my bones.

He squeezed my throat; I lost my voice. He once told me my voice was beautiful.

He lied to my eyes – most of the texts he composed were made up happenings.

Surprised when he caught me off guard.

I’m now covered in scars and I can’t hide them.

He told me I’m more than enough before he crushed my ankles with the weight of his disrespect.

He fooled me twice and it’s all my fault.

I let a wild bull storm into my life and intoxicate me.

I was more than enough.

He was my homie I thought.

He was my love I thought.

He was my everything I thought.

His horns pierced into my eyes, gauging out the only good vision I had left of him.

Devil in the form of a bull.


📸: Unsplash

I find that you can be anything you want to be.

Speak it. Yes!

I saw a rainbow appear after a flash flood. As quick as it came, it was photographed and stored around the world. #Rainbow #Colour #Smile

Do you like to read?

I made pancakes this morning for breakfast.

I called Mother and she answered on the 3rd ring.

I reviewed the 268 blocked numbers on my WhatsApp and I unblocked 1.

Checked my phone for nothing in particular.

SWOT analysis bitch, I’m branding on those cookies!

I listened to Love Drought by Beyonce over 34 times today. I thought about you first and then him after. I considered unblocking you, but you’re a spineless cunt and while I don’t hate you – I don’t need you drowning my existence with your fake perception of life.

I tell myself daily, ‘Unique, remember who you are.’

Are You Awake?

When I’m alone with my thoughts wishing our world was better, I think about you.

It’s dark in our country at this moment in time and I know you’re at home, eyes open and head down.

I would pray you call, but I remember your faults. And prayer is a conversation with myself.

You beat down my soul and drowned me in your lies. Water puts out fire it’s true, but ice can also burn through flesh.

I picture your tainted bar; you know the one you pissed on with your weaknesses. I recall that leash around your neck, only allowed you to commute to your office, home and wherever the Boss commanded you.

Are you awake?

Of course, you hiss desperation into the air and blow that through to my ears. Then you cry alone under the safety of a user for an employee.

I remember the mornings you beeped into my private space…scattered messages, deeper lies and flattened truths.

Let me tell you, the lies you spawned this time last year have already manifested over what you claim to fly with. When yet another drains your existence, you’ll wish you were sleeping eternally.

In satisfactory memory of the worm that wiggled its way through my fruit bowl.

The Blame Game

At first, they blamed a group of people, because a video went viral and showed someone eating a bat.

Then they blamed a lab for allowing it to break free.

Then a small city was blamed and all the residents were labelled as people saw fit.

Later an entire country was blamed for it causing this.

They once ridiculed the health services and mocked cleaners, spat on bin men and stole from the doorsteps delivery drivers frequented.

Now they cheer them – they clap for our carers because they tell themselves that if I clap on a Thursday at 2000 GMT if I ever get COVID19 the NHS will save me.

Some blame the NHS for treating the sick, commenting, ‘You’re spreading COVID19, as you’re in contact with people who have it.’

Then they blame the government for suggesting we stay inside, stay safe and protect others, to keep everyone alive.

‘The Government have made the virus up!’  I heard a man state as I visited Tesco’s, ‘they wanna keep us quiet so that they can build more 5G towers! Fuck Trump!’

Then 5G towers were burnt to the core, apparently, they spread COVID19.

The blame was placed onto Corona beer, how unfortunate and unjust.

The blame shifted to the elderly, their immunity the lowest.

The blame was placed onto vegans and then taken away. The sales of oat milk shot up tenfold, what more could anyone say?

The blame was actioned on black people who resided in the country COVID19 was born. Videos circulated showing them being banned from the stores and locked out from their temporary homes.

The blame was sprinkled across wet markets over there and there and there. However, they continued the operate even though COVID19 had taken away many lives.

The blame sauntered to news reporters, medical staff, public transportation and lack of sanitation. #WashYourHands the main form of mass communication.

We are a world that enjoys pointing fingers, like the only kid that never stole a cookie from the jar. COVID19 is still present, yet we #Blame others and focus on who to troll next?


We all lose out in the end, COVID19 does not discriminate.

The blame masturbated over social media and climaxed in the eyes of many…

Object: Whiteboard

You’re not screwed into a wall, as I move you from room to room, infrequently.

I write on you in various colours, mainly blue as blue is my favourite colour.

I often notice scratches left on the wall I once leaned you against, aghast on my face, as a tenant I’m disgraced – in my head that is. I wonder if my landlord will deduct £5 off my deposit for wear and tear?

Almost every time I start I write at the top of you in black ink ‘W/C 3RD MAY 2020 – TODO!’ was the last thing I titled you.


Rests below, dutifully so.

I list the number of things I must complete ASAP for my degree. Only, I never complete them on time. I like writing on you.

I enjoy spraying you and rubbing you out!

Lately, you have this unyielding power to inflict emotional pain through me, via the medium of reminding me that I’ve not completed anything on your list. Sometimes, I will move you away, so I don’t have to see you unless I happen to frequent the room you’re situated in.

I cheat. Because I will happily type up a new list and print it off, duplicate it in all three of my diaries…come back next week and do it again.

I apologise.

I promise to spray you down and clean you up, I promise I’ll do that today.

Fight Club

So I understand from the female voice that you flirted with a girl from Sainsbury’s and it must have  been some charming words used, as your girlfriend goes on to state, ‘you don’t tell me I’m beautiful.’

Right there, was a sign of her insecurities but you never provided her with any comfort. You replied, ‘you fucking stupid bitch! I’ll fucking go to my mums, you fucking whore! You’re the one sleeping with all the men you see, fucking tramp.’

I heard you slam the same door repeatedly, then you growled. I assume she remained in one spot, as her sound never seemed to move. However, yours went through your living space. She screamed, ‘I don’t care anymore.’ You responded by shouting over her, ‘the thing is yeah, you’re a fucking stupid bitch and I can do better than you. I only told the girl she looked good; everyone needs compliments during lockdown. I don’t need a dumb bitch like you in my life. Shut the fuck up!’

Her cries continue and after a few more fights with multiple inanimate objects, you slam the front door. I heard the lock turn…

A few moments pass and her crying turns into sobbing on the phone to her friend. I form the assumption that this particular friend has heard it all before, as your girlfriend shouts, ‘What would you know? You’re not understanding what I’m saying, this is a different situation, it happened today!’

It’s around 0100 I know you’ve returned as she’s moaning, no, not the crying she was doing earlier. She’s moaning in sexual delight, you’re silent! Apart from the odd pleasurable grumble…

It’s a new day, I think this is the first day you both made it past 12 hrs before fighting, again. A glass is broken, let’s assume it was glass from dinner? I hear you shouting (yet again,) ‘Who the fuck is gonna want a skanky, dirty, fucking hoe like you?’

The day after that, I hear the police arrive, only they knock the wrong door – I hope you heard them state, ‘we are here following a report of domestic violence.’

Saturday 9th of May 2020

I’m lazy on a Saturday because I wake up at 4 am, I ponder around my bedroom and I dream of some intriguing men.

Writers, Creators and even Brownie Bakers.

I see the originality in life as it is.

I dream about many because creative writing is my biz, Ha-ha! See what I did?

Say cheese Unique!

Creative writing is my heartbeat – I love you WordPress!


Who is Unieeeq? Who is she? What is she? Who she be? Who she be?

I’m the bird of flame.

The tiger in the heart.

I’m a tsunami in the artic.

The blue star amongst the art.

I know not how to speak or to write, I simply think!

I’m not unique, I’m Unique…


I write each day.

I write my way.

I write to say, that I said what I say.

I write because our universe inspires me.

I write to manifest new realities.

I writing to open up my destiny.

I write for you and only you because you believe in me.

Crow Said YES

Crow Said YES

It was Sunday 23rd of February 2020 at 11:11 I discovered Crow could read minds. As he flew above me, he seemed quieter than usual. More focused.

I called up.

He flew down.

Landed on my right shoulder and said, ‘Unique, listen!’

‘I’m listening.’

‘Look at that fat bitch selling to that weird bitch.’

‘I’m looking.’

‘Can’t you hear them?’

‘Their mouths aren’t open; she looks like she’s browsing.’

His sapphire blue eyes stare intensely into my big brown eyes. He watches another person and then looks around.

‘Ah! I’m the chosen one.’

Crow sets off into the sky above and circles everyone as I walk by.

Can I short-change this blind customer?

Are Vegans stupid?

Does eating take way make you fat?

Can you cheat and not get caught?

He doesn’t wash, does he?

Crow, in delight that he can hear thoughts, shouts down to all.