The Dulux Box

It was delivered at 11:11 to my penthouse apartment.

I received the box and felt a sense of unease; it was blue, my favourite colour. But you never knew this, no one knew.

The box was velvet, which is a texture that makes my skin tingle. I hate it.

I sign for the box. Unique Dame.

I open it up and there it is, you did it.

I can’t say I’m proud of you. I wish you would leave me alone.

Well, leave me be. I’m happy.

When I said, I want your heart, not your money – I never meant your actual heart.

I assumed you were non-committal, and it would encourage you to disappear.

Crow had warned me months before, and he said: ‘Unique, your use of words can confuse the average man.’

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