A Saturday of Significance: 19.06.2021

A Saturday of Significance – 19.06.2021

Some mornings I wake up and see mini reels of those days, playback in my mind. You had known me for the best part of more than two years, yet when an indignant person decided to speak lies into the ears of few, you sided with them over my heart.

When I sought your support, you turned your back and fixed your mouth to speak sideways from your neck. In-person, you silently chose to side with a liar.

When apart, you voiced how real their story felt. Yet, you and a few others ignore the fact that you know I have never done anything like or similar to the words this attention seeker repeated.

It is incredible how liars become victims these days, and their target receives hate and a tainted reputation – all from a lie.

The most significant memory that tortures me is where I welcome this person into the group. I educate this person and uplift them. I provide for them and encourage them to step up onto the next stage and fly!

Imagine for a moment the smile that beams from their burgundy painted lips. ‘Good Morning Unique! Thanks for everything you have done for me; I couldn’t have managed this week without you.’ Words that instil a positive vibe within any form of relationship, facial expressions that gain trust and assure you that this person is genuine and respectful.

Little did I know back then that behind every smile was a whisper to another that I’m the bad guy. Layered between every compliment was a personal attack, sent above and around me, about me.

Some mornings, like this morning, I wake up and playback a period in my life where I was framed. I was made a scapegoat, and my lips were sealed together with lawful threats. There are seconds when I notice I’m not breathing or I’m breathing too fast. Where I freeze, and my tears scream to be freed, but I know I’m tired of crying. I wonder if I should have highlighted how I was tormented, used and discarded because…

I draw comfort from our universe as I know karma exists. I understand that time is key, and justice will arrive at the right moment.


📸: Pixabay


Man: ‘She grassed me up, she told the world!’

Woman: ‘What, she really spoke?’

Man: ‘She more than spoke, she told the others.’

Woman: ‘Don’t worry about it, we’ll cut her throat!’

Man: ‘She’s exaggerating about the facts. I mean, yes I did a little bit of this and a smidgen of that.’

Woman: ‘But it was just a joke?’

Man: ‘Yes. I did do all that she said. But fuck that dramatic bitch! She’s pushed me right over the edge.’

Woman: ‘Don’t worry about it, we’ll cut her throat.’

Man: ‘I want to choke the fucking grass and smash her head into her desk.’

Woman: ‘I’ll support you, either way, do what you feel is best.’

Man: ‘When she returns to work, I’ll break her down. I’ll overwhelm her with tasks, I’ll smash her crown. That pretentious witch believes she knows best. Well, I’ll give her what for, I’ll increase her stress.

Little Ms KnowItAll, informing the powers that be, that I mistreated her!



Woman: ‘On that final note, don’t worry about it. We’ll cut her throat.’